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Dumaguete Info is doing very well on the most search engines, our Google ranking is regularly in the top 3 for all Dumaguete related search terms – We have been on the 1st page for this term in Google for over five years. Dumaguete Info has on average 1,500+ visitors per day, around 740,000 page views and 3.5 Million Hits per month.

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This is a static banner ad on the top of the front page above the left column that shows up with every view of the home page. This banner is linked to a hosted advertising page or your website for maximum exposure. There will be a maximum of 3 featured banner ads at any given time. Once these three slots are sold no other clients will be accepted.

Featured sponsor sites are P10,000 per year or P1,000 per month.

Front page sponsors are linked to your webpage or Hosted Advertising page, and will show up at the bottom of our home page. There are a maximum of three front page sponsors shown at all times. A Font Awesome icon related to your business (or one of you choosing) is used for these ads. This also comes with a free listing of your business in our yellow pages.

Front page sponsors are P10,000 per year or P1,000 per month. 

Leader board banners are linked to your website or Hosted Advertising Page. There are a maximum of 20 banners sold, and a maximum of two banners per page on the main website and three banners on the forum. Leader board banners are on rotation on most pages of our website, so your banner will show up at least once every 10 page views. This also comes with a free listing of your business in our yellow pages. ****

Leader board banners are P8,000 per year or P800 per month.

A Hosted Advertising Page is a page on our website much like your own little webpage. You can list up a description of your business, display photos, show a map of your business location and provide contact details. A hosted web page comes with a leader board banner which links to it, as well as links in our yellow pages listing for maximum exposure. This is a sure way to get your business listed on the front page of most any google search pertaining to Dumaguete or Negros Oriental.

An example of a hosted advertising page, click the following link;

Mike’s Dauin Beach Resort

The cost of a Hosted Advertising Page is P10,000 per year or P1,000 per month.

Our forum currently ranks very well on most searches and for thousands is the “go to” site for any kind of information pertaining to Dumaguete. A forum sponsor will have their banner displayed under the second post of every thread. There will only be 3 of these sold and put into rotation. To view our forum, click here;

Dumaguete Info Forum

The cost of being a forum sponsor is P10,000 per year or P1,000 per month.

A Showcase page listing is a listing in our Showcase section which lists your business name, address, phone number and email address. It also has a link to your website or hosted advertising page and up to 5 pictures. Registered members of the Dumaguete Info forum may also leave reviews/recommendations for your business. Click here for a sample of our a Showcase page listing:

Showcase Page

The cost of a Showcase listing is FREE if you join the forum and set up the listing yourself, otherwise here is a one-time P500 setup fee. Note: This offer does not apply to rental properties or properties for sale.

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