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Valencia: Banica Swimming Lagoon | Dumaguete Info

The town of Valencia is said to be rich in natural as well as man made resources. Because of its topography and geography, it is blessed with a cool climate, fertile soil and abundant water supply. It is because of this flowing water provision that the Banica Swimming Lagoon better known as the Tejeros Resort was constructed. Today it is a well visited site which is just perfect for family trips, excursions and tours.

Banica Swimming Lagoon is a spacious garden dotted with cozy little huts. In the center are two man-made stone pools whose water supply comes from the Banica River, a river that runs through the Valencia town and downstream to Dumaguete City. Its cool waters that actually gurgle from a nearby stream are a soothing balm to the skin on a typical hot summer day, making Tejeros one of the most well-liked summer destinations. In addition, the resort fees and rentals are less pricey compared to the other resorts in Valencia.

This resort also has a well stocked canteen that vends bottled water and other refreshments, soft drinks, chips, peanuts, candies and other light edibles. There is no strict policy on bringing food from outside so most guests pack their lunches or snacks for an entire day of swimming. Because of its limited capacity, the cottages can be rented out for a minimal fee on a first come first serve policy. There is a generally clean restroom, too.

Because of its pleasant garden ambience, the Banica Swimming Lagoon is also a favorite venue for special occasions such as children’s birthday parties and reunions. Families love to get together and enjoy the scenic garden and the refreshing waters. Just outside the resort, one can find a number of inexpensive inns that offer a clean bed for those who might want to spend the night.

How to get to Banica Swimming Lagoon

Banica Swimming Lagoon can be reached via a rental car or van from Dumaguete City. The trip is relatively short and takes only less than an hour. Getting there should be easy because it is a very popular place both in Dumaguete and Valencia. Another way to reach the place is by taking the public transport from the Dumaguete -Valencia terminal which is usually a multicab. For a few pesos the vehicle will drop off all passengers at the Valencia proper terminal. From there one can hire a trike or pedicab to drive all the way to Banica Swimming Lagoon.

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