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Tirambulo Highland Resort | Dumaguete Info

Up in the town of Mabinay is the Tirambulo Highland Resort, a vast land area surrounded by mountains with six man made lakes teeming with fish plus a man made mini waterfall. The garden is meticulously landscaped too though an area is purposely untended to preserve the natural forest. The native cottages add a rustic touch to the rugged and casual atmosphere.

It is located in Barangay Paniabonan, about a hundred meters away along another road from the national highway. A P20 entrance fee is required upon reaching the resort gate. Initially this piece of land was merely an undeveloped property until its owner, one Cristito Tirambulo, developed and transformed it into a resort in the late 1980’s. Lake Cristito, the biggest of the man made lakes named after the resort’s proprietor which began as a small pond, is fed by springs that flow gently to the pool by way of cleverly devised mechanism.

Man Made Lake at Tirambulo Highland Resort

The man made lakes present a habitat and breeding haven for a number of fresh water fishes. As such, one of the featured activities in the resort is hook and line fishing, apart from water biking. The resort has several designated fishing spots and if you’re lucky enough to catch one, you may even ask the restaurant chef to cook up the fish for your next meal. Another activity would be hiking around and exploring the vast property and all the plants and vegetation within.

There are nine native type cottages positioned under shady trees that can be rented for the day or for overnight stays. A camping area is provided for the more adventurous. They also have a conference hall for special events, VHF radio communication, a recreation room, and of course a restaurant serving Filipino cuisine. In addition, the resort has transportation services. Tour arrangements to the nearby Mabinay Caves and Mabinay Spring can be requested.

How to get to Tirambulo Highland Resort

From Dumaguete City, getting to Mabinay town would take two hours and from Mabinay to the Tirambulo Highland resort, around 15 to 20 minutes. A cottage for two would cost P800 a day, a cottage for four would cost P1,400 and the biggest cottage which can accommodate up to seven occupants would only cost P1,500. Reservations can be made at the Highland Resort. You can call (035) 225-1858, 225-5416, 422-4956 and 225-1825. The resort’s transportation services can also be arranged to pick you up at the airport or at any point in Dumaguete City.