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An Expat Family’s To Do List in the PhilippinesAn expat family can do many things as they settle in the Philippines. An expat family can strengthen family bonds during their transition in the Philippines. The first few months of an expat family in the Philippines is important to settling in. Choosing the Right House, Every Expat’s IssueThere are many choices to make for an expat in choosing a house to live in. An expat must consider security and other issues involved in choosing the right house for the whole family. Having a Temporary Housing for an ExpatBeing an expat in the Philippines is an exciting chapter in life. Finding temporary housing is necessary since the transition time may take longer that planned. Finding the right temporary housing for the family is an expat’s concern that can be solved easily. Expat Life in the Philippines: A Royalty TreatmentHow delightful is expat life in the Philippines? It is often nothing short of getting royal treatment daily. The truest meaning of being a guest—that’s what expat life is all about in this country. Local Hobbies for Expats in the PhilippinesExpat life can be more colorful if we use the unique aspects of the native culture. We don’t have to go deep into the intricacies of it all; we just have to roam around, watch the surroundings, meet new friends, and try things for ourselves. Then expat life ceases to be “expat” anymore. Two C’s for Expats: Climate and ClothingThe Philippines is a tropical country with two types of climates - dry and rainy. Expats settling in the Philippines must know the right kind of clothing to wear to be comfortable especially on hot dry days. Conservative and decent clothing are recommended for expats to wear during their stay in the Philippines to show respect and be respected also by the Filipinos. Telephone Issues for an Expat in the PhilippinesHaving a telephone line in the Philippines, both landline and cellular, is a necessity for an expat. Various telephone companies and accounts are readily available as long as an expat has the required documents on hand while applying for a telephone service. Shopping in the Philippines as an ExpatAn expat may need many things while settling in the Philippines for the first time. The malls and department stores in the Philippines are the great places to go shopping for the needs and wants of an expat. Money Matters of an Expat in the PhilippinesMoney is an important issue for an expat settling in the Philippines. The Philippines has many international and local banks as well as moneychangers whose service an expat can services. It is important to note that inquiring first with any bank and moneychanger in the Philippines is necessary so that an expat will know which institution can give the best deal. Expats and the Filipino CultureExpats in the Philippines know that living with the Filipino people can be a wonderful experience. You will truly feel wanted and appreciated especially if you learn to adapt to the Filipino culture. Expats will observe that there is a huge degree of tolerance of other cultures and a willingness to accept other peoples practices.