Expat Life

Expat life in the Philippines may be one of the best expat lives possible in the world. With a history of foreign accommodation, an enhanced culture of hospitality, and a natural disposition to take life easy, expat life in the country is likely to be royalty treatment from the locals.

Filipinos generally like foreigners. Aside from the dollar influx that foreigners (especially Americans) are commonly associated with, Filipinos simply enjoy having visitors around, enjoying whatever they can offer them. Filipino culture, especially in the provinces, has it that special occasions graced by local or foreign visitors will be lavishly prepared for even if it means borrowing big sums of money. Never mind the enormous debts incurred, as long as the visitors are having the time of their lives. With this general native mentality, imagine what expat life would be.

Expat life in the Philippines often means a life of royal treatment. Foreigners usually get to enjoy the best seat at home, the best meals, bed, room, favors, friendship, and more. And this could go on for one or two years. Some even for more extended periods. That is what Filipino tolerance and friendship usually means. They’re just crazy about foreigners.

Expat life in the Philippines often means getting the best share. Filipinos have been accustomed to not only welcome foreigners but accommodate them well. This has been ingrained in them for centuries now. Since the time the Chinese and Mexicans first visited the shores even before the Spaniards arrived, Filipinos have long learned the art of accommodating foreigners. They’ve been used to seeing foreigners mostly get the best things in the land, even the best national wealth share, and not complain about it. To Filipinos, for centuries, the guests get the “bests.”

Expat life in the Philippines is often an overwhelming feeling of always being welcome. Centuries of being trained in accommodation have made Filipinos very hospitable to visitors, especially foreigners. Expats are welcome to almost everything there is. Even in “All-Filipino” sports games we will see foreigners in the lists of participants, their nationalities blurred somewhat to put in some Filipino lineage somewhere, and this done most times by Filipinos themselves. There’s an atmosphere created for expats that “you’re one of us.”

Expat life will surely be a delightful ease when lived with a people who are used to taking life easy, and making it easier especially for expats. Expat life is a favored life in the Philippines.

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