Foundation University

Foundation University is a school in Dumaguete fully dedicated to the excellent development of body, mind, and character of an individual in the pursuit of freedom and truth.

Foundation University was established in July 4, 1949 as was called then as Foundation College. During the foundation of the school in Dumaguete, Foundation College had committed to a three-fold function (i.e. research, instruction, and community action).


The success of the school’s commitment was recognized in the year 1963 when an international recognition was given to Foundation College. That same year, Foundation College became a member of the world renowned International Association of Universities.

Foundation College became the first institution to receive this kind of recognition within the Visayas-Mindanao Region of the Philippines. It is also the first institution worldwide that became a member of this prestigious organization even if the school is not yet a full university in Dumaguete.

Due to the school’s great achievement and wonderful performance as an institution, Foundation College was granted a university charter in January 28, 1969, thus becoming Foundation University. Foundation University has been sincere in its purpose and mission. That is why graduates from Foundation University are considered of the finest quality.

With the school’s mission at heart, Foundation University has the vision to help the development of an individual to govern oneself through judging, thinking, and planning wisely.

Foundation University has specific objectives that have become the school’s guidelines in fulfilling their commitment: (1) To produce an individual that has sound character and is open-minded; (2) To develop a people that has the spirit of unity and patriotism; (3) To train individuals for professional work and career in the future; (4) To contribute to the development of human knowledge for the sake of truth.

Foundation University may not be as huge as some universities in Dumaguete and in the Philippines but the school is equipped with modern school facilities, courses, and programs that are outstanding and up to date with the very latest technology available.

Treating every single individual in the school campus as a unique individual is also a commitment of the Foundation University of Dumaguete. It is the goal of Foundation University’s faculty and staff members to make every student feel recognized as if they were at home.

Teachers and students alike at Foundation University share in a community spirit where everyone knows each other and no face is a stranger in the crowd. The counselors and teachers at Foundation University are always available. They are ready to help and guide a student with any problem encountered at Foundation University.


Foundation University may be considered a small university in Dumaguete but the quality of education and graduates produced at Foundation University are excellent and very promising.

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