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Apo Island is considered to be part of the jurisdiction of the town of Dauin in Negros Oriental. Its pride is its fantastic rock formations scattered over the terrain, a protected marine reserve, magnificent white sands and a relatively untouched endowment of natural marine resources – 650 documented fish species and 400 kinds of corals.

Apo Island is one of the top ten dive sites in the country and around the world. It can be accessed via a 30-minute boat ride from the neighboring town of Zamboangita or anywhere near the coastline of Zamboangita.

Apo IslandPackage tours can be found in Dumaguete dive shops and beach resorts. You can opt for a one-day adventure or stay nights at nearby hotels and beach resorts, some of which are the Liberty’s Lodge or Apo Island Beach Resrto on the island itself or Coco Grove, Kan-Upi Beach Resort or the Wellness Beach Resort in nearby Zamboangita.

Life in this island is said to have its own pace. Perhaps this is where time has stood still — in the primitive and wild beauty that it is most famous for.

The underwater scene is even more fantastic! You can snorkel, scuba or deep sea dive in as much as 15 pre identified points around the island. Other activities include island boat rides, treks and bike rides.

Apo Island is sure to fascinate every diver’s and traveler’s imagination – from the unique aquatic habitat and its dwellers, the rustic view of an old lighthouse, the image of a sunset tinting the sky with pink to the magical feel of white sand on your toes while having a cool drink on a night of the full moon.

For one who appreciates the genuine wonders of nature, Apo Island is beyond doubt a soothing balm to the soul.