A summer vacation would not be complete without spending some time in the sun and sand at the beach. It is more fun also if the beach has white sand and clear, calm water. The Philippines is a tropical country that is blessed with extraordinarily beautiful white sand beaches. One of the top destinations for beach lovers is the island province of Bohol.

Bohol is an island province in the southern part of the Visayas region. The province is very rich in culture, traditions and environmental resources. It is known for its top tourist destinations to name a few like the Chocolate Hills, old churches from the Spanish era, The Loboc River, the haven of the world’s smallest primate the Tarsier and above all the world class white sand beaches.

Seeing the white sand beaches of the Philippines especially in Bohol is really a great experience. The most popular destination is Panglao Island which is adjacent to the capital city of Tagbilaran. It is home to many resorts and dive spots, so one must not forget to bring snorkeling and diving paraphernalia because breathtaking underwater reefs are a must see.

The most popular and most developed beach in Panglao Island is Alona Beach located at the southwest part of the island. The beach is approximately one and a half kilometers long. Alona Beach is truly a great paradise and it is a well developed beach in Panglao in terms of ferry service, availability of diving equipment and has a lot of places wherein tourists can grab a bite of the “Boholanos” (local people of Bohol) cuisine.

The only drawback of the Alona Beach is that about 20 to 30 meters out in the coast, large numbers of sea urchins can be found in the water, so people must be careful when wading. But overall the resorts in Alona Beach have facilities that can make a tourist’s stay on the island a memorable, comfortable and unforgettable experience.

If you are looking for an exclusive beach resort then you must try the Bohol Beach Club resort. It is located in Dumaluan Beach also on the southern tip of Panglao Island.

The Panglao Island also has Bikini Beach. Momo Beach is known to have shallow water located on the northern side of the island and the Doljo Beach on the northwest, also a nice beach that is free of sea grasses.

In general beach lovers can enjoy a lot of activities in the beaches in Bohol such as snorkeling, diving in unpolluted water, enjoying different water sports or just simply by relaxing and enjoying the clear water and white sand. The vacation at the beach is more unforgettable if the place is well developed and has the available facilities for the convenience of the guests.

The island province of Bohol has never failed to impress its guests by providing them with world class facilities, hospitality of Boholanos, white sand beaches and above all an experienced of a lifetime, the fun in the sun and sand in Bohol, Philippines.

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