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The Wonder Remedies of Siquijor’s Magic Potions

Are there really such things as magic potions? If there are, what could they do that earns for them the label of being called magic? Siquijor Island in the Visayas tells us why.

Strange roots and tree barks soaked in bizarre looking liquids, and then placed in clear bottles that give them even stranger appearances. The seller claims that drinking or rubbing such concoction will make us feel better or solve our life’s woes. And for more complicated problems, Siquijor magic potions have “stronger” mixes to offer. These are generally stranger-looking twigs and barks, melted wax gathered from old churches, dug up earth from cemeteries, and the like.

Magic potions and amulets from Siquijor allegedly remedy a lot of problems, from physical to emotional to mental and financial. There are magic potions for fever, headache, backpains, skin allergies, eyesight problems, and other physical maladies. These are mild illness that require equally mild magic potions that are usually the known herbal medicine in Siquijor. But there are so-called illnesses that Siquijor quacks term as “not from God” and which medicine or science is incapable of remedying.

Magic potions may at times necessitate an accompanying prayer by a quack. There are stories of quacks in Siquijor who burn hand written scrolls, the ashes of which are mixed in magic potions they make. Some magic potions in Siquijor need a specific time of day to concoct, and sometimes, even day of year. The most famous of this kind are magic potions that are brewed and mixed at midnight of Good Friday. Quacks and witches are said to congregate in Siquijor on such day and at such time for fresh concoctions of magic potions (ingredients of which, they say, are exclusively available in Siquijor). They then bring these to cities where people buy them at a hefty sum.

Siquijor love magic potions are also available. They vary in application, from magic potions mixed with drinks, to stronger magic potions that take effect be merely being inhaled. Siquijor love magic potions are for people hard to get along with—difficult people or love targets. Once the Siquijor love magic potions are mixed in the drink or worn on clothes, a mere sip or sniff by love targets will turn tables around in favor of the user.

Stories on Siquijor magic potions are amusing, but a word of caution must be in place here: it’s best to keep them as tales for tourist attraction, rather than actually apply them.