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For Rent Duplex, 2 Bedroom, Furnished, Near Beach, Bacong.

    Sto Nino Road, San Miguel, Bacong
    2 Bedroom, furnished (Half House) For rental
    Php 22,000 per month (minimum 6-month lease).
    Robin - 09163311189 or Gemma - 09272455504

    * Air con in master bedroom.
    * Quality ceiling fans in all rooms.
    * Quality rattan furniture.
    * Water included.
    * Lawn maintenance provided.
    * Weekly rubbish removal.
    * Hot water in the shower with good pressure.
    * Fly/mosquito screens on all doors and windows.
    * Security grills on all windows.
    * Washing machine fittings.
    * Gas and electric cook top.
    * Gas bottle with regulator.
    * Dead locks on front and rear door.
    * Internal door locks on all doors.
    * 5 mbs internet (Globe).
    * Cable TV.
    * Curtain rods on all windows (curtains supplied, but you can use your own)
    * Clothes line.
    * Car space.
    * Weekly rubbish collection.
    * Letter box.
    * 50 m access to the beach.
    * 11 km to Shopping malls and hospitals.
    * Private school 500 m years 1-12 (Divine Grace International).
    * Gated complex on 2,300 sqm of land, consisting of 5 duplex units.
    * Very quiet location close to everything.
    * Foreigner tenants.
    * No curfews.
    * Secure location with wall and locked gate.
    Electricity and gas. No pets.

    DIRECTIONS - 3 km from Bacong proper going towards Dauin on National Hwy,
    turn left into Sto Nino private road, go almost to the end (120 m) then enter through the brown gate.

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  1. silverbullet
    If you are looking for an apartment as a tenant what are the most important things to consider when making your decision? It's easy to follow one's emotions or someone's advice but in reality, it is wise to make sure of the following things before you sign any rental contract.
    1- Make sure it has good internet connection and mobile phone reception.
    2- Make sure it has good water pressure in all taps and shower.
    3- Make sure there is a weekly garbage collection.
    4- Make sure it is not situated on a busy road.
    5- Make sure there are good neighbors in the area, ask the tenants if there are any problems with late night karaoke, croaking roosters or other noisy things.
    6- Make sure there are no frequent water restrictions.
    7- Make sure there are no frequent power blackouts.
    8- Make sure there is a letter box, so your mail doesn't go missing.
    9- Make sure there are dead locks on front and back doors (Burglars have no chance to gain access with dead locks).
    10- Make sure there are security grills on all windows and doors.
    11- Make sure there is a manager living on site.
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