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How do I create an account on Dumaguete Info?

You can register a new account on our Sign Up page.

Note: You must be at least 18 years of age and you must be able to answer one of the verification questions correctly. (We've made them pretty dang easy.)

Can i change my account name?

To change an account/user name you will need to contact the forum administrator (Wrye83).

cant find my post

Users with less than 2 posts must have their posts approved by a moderator. This generally happens within 24 hours but can take longer if a post appears to be a bit created or spam post

Are there designated bus stops along the boulevard in Dumaguete.

There is a designated bus stop at the end of the boulevard near Siliman.

How do I change the flag on my profile

Turn off the location/flag option in your profile privacy settings.

What is my profile for and how do I edit it?

Your profile is the informatoin other members can see abou you. You profile is linked to every post or comment you make anywhere on Dumaguete Info. If a location is entered it will be displayed along side every one of your posts.

The options are self explanatory. Only share as much information as you feel comfortable with, no one is forced to provide any information.

You can edit your profile by clicking on this link: Personal Details

How do I add or modify my avatar?

To add or modify your avatar (profile picture) simply click on the stock (and boring) avatar from your Account Menu and browse your computer for a picture to upload. The forum software will automatically resize your avatar to the correct dimensions.

For a direct link to edit your avatar you can follow this link: Avatar Editor

Why does it say I am a "Lurker" under my avatar?

That is your "User Title". It is based off of how many posts you have made on the forum. Users with zero posts have the honor of having the "Lurker" user title. Once you have made a post the title will change to something else.

If you don't like the lurker title.....stop lurking about and make a few posts. :wink:

Why are my posts not showing up after I submit them?

New users need to have their first 2 posts approved by a moderator. After your initial 2 posts have been reviewed and approved by a moderator they will go public and these restrictions will be removed from your account.

Note: It may take up to an hour after your second post is approved for the software to update your account permissions.

How do I delete my account/posts?

Well that depends:
If no posts or private messages have been sent from your account (basically an unused account), made mistakes during registration or wish to merge your old account with a new one you have created you can ask one of the Forum Staff Members to assist you with getting the account deleted/merged.

If you have contributed to the forum or sent private messages to other members there is little chance the account will be completely removed from DI's databases. However, we will deactivate the account, remove any profile information you provided and make sure that you never receive any future emails from the forum.
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