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Naturally Negros

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  • Naturally Negros is a business dealing with sales of fresh vegetables, mango, quail eggs and pork products from our farms. It works to generate income for the deaf, thus the vast majority of the workers are deaf.

    The income generated by Naturally Negros pays the workers salaries, the expenses of the farm. Any additional proceeds go to support the various ministries of its mother organization - Philippine Immanuel Churches of the Deaf, Incorporated (PICD, Inc.). Ministries include dormitories for deaf school aged children, individual child sponsorship, Deaf pastors/churches and a Bible College.

    To learn more and see a full list of products visit:

    Room #104, Lupega Building - Dr. V. Locsin Street, Dumaguete City

    Phone: 0936-809-9593

    Website: Naturally Negros - Home and Naturally Negros, Philippines - Farm | Facebook

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  1. osodelnorte
    If you live here and you see or hear Negros you think the island. If you are not from here when you see or hear Negros it reads black. So to foreigners this sign says "Naturally Black".
  2. DavyL200
  3. Doug Clutton
    Cooking with our natural pork lard is not only delicious, but a healthy alternative to vegetable oils! At P100 per kg, the price is right and our current stock is plentiful. Visit us at our Naturally Negros Retail Outlet near Immigration, or order by texting 0936-809-9593 for delivery. Remember free delivery on orders over Php 1,000.00!
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  4. Doug Clutton
    Potential solution to high fresh chicken egg demand:

    Naturally Negros would like to ensure you folks have the opportunity to acquire a CONSISTENT supply of fresh chicken eggs. So we are inviting those who may be interested to read the following proposal. Just so you know, we rely on donations and investors to expand - we need your help! You get the satisfaction of not only helping the Deaf, but the fresh eggs you desire.

    Egg Production Proposal: (to meet your weekly egg requirements)

    1) How many Eggs per week do you need? _______

    2) Multiply by .70 = _______ . This is the number of chickens we need to purchase.

    3) Each Chicken costs (including feeds) P1000.00. Your total Investment is the number of chickens needed X P1000.00 = P_____

    4) You get “free” eggs for 6 months for return on your investment. (For each P1000.00 we produce 4.9 eggs per week X average P8.50/egg for 24 weeks). We can adjust actual numbers by tracking your deliveries.

    5) You can opt to continue purchasing eggs at our regular price hereafter.

    Question? Txt Doug 0999-493-7594
  5. Doug Clutton
    Many thanks to the many folks who have tried our products and given feedback to help us maintain and improve our quality. We've grown quite a bit and now offer fresh/frozen broiler chickens, malunggay and tumeric/pepper capsules, sauerkraut, and we are ramping up to offer home made soap, goats milk, and soft goats cheese. Our ever popular quail eggs are selling very well. Simply text 0936-809-9593 should you wish to experience any of our products first-hand - delivered to your door!

    If you are waiting for papers at Immigration, just drop by for a cup of fresh ground/brewed coffee and a brownie! Or a mango shake.
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  6. Rye83
    Purchased some Canadian bacon and some belly bacon yesterday. Both were excellent, with the belly bacon being the best bacon I've had in the Philippines!
  7. Rye83
    I bought 3 packages of sausage yesterday from a guy going door to door who worked for Naturally Negros. The Italian and Thai sausage were good. Certainly recommend their products.
  8. Doug Clutton
    Our Sauerkraut seems to be popular! We have a new batch of Sauerkraut scheduled to be in our stores Friday August 14. Hurry and get yours for Php 150.00 per jar while supplies last. Pickles are being re-stocked as well now that cucumbers are growing nicely. Thanks everyone for helping the Deaf by purchasing Naturally Negros Products!
  9. Doug Clutton

    PURE Malunggay Powder Capsules!

    Yup - our Deaf Team has done it again - producing a beautifully packaged, professional quality healthy product with benefits too numerous to list here. Check outMoringa Malunggay Health Benefits .

    Available now for only P220 per bottle of 60 capsules! Compared to the drug store prices of up to 17 pesos per capsule, we offer a much more affordable alternative .... AND you are helping Deaf Filipinos! So drop by and get your bottle now. We'll see if we can meet the challenge of keeping up with the demand!

  10. Doug Clutton
    Hi everyone - just to let you know we have a promo on until Friday July 10. Buy 1 kg (4 packs) of any sausage for only P350.00! Drop by our retail outlet in Dumaguete, or text 0936-809-9593.