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Back in the saddle

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by shadow, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. shadow

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    WOW! 134 messages in my PM inbox! If some of you don't receive a response, please understand.

    Well as usual, the sh*t hits the fan when we are away. When this came down, we were in the direct path of the typhoon (Subic). EVERYTHING was shut down for two days thereafter, and we had quite a time getting home (no buses running).

    As for the issue, I will be attempting some damage control, and hope it will all just go away. Personally, I felt the article written by Kojak was very well written and Politically correct. I know Kojak personally, and he for the most part usually just wants to keep the peace, as do I. Kojak is in the limelight, and he must word his responses accordingly in order to not fall afoul of the powers that be himself. I believe him to be a good man just trying to make a difference. The personal attack on him was unwarranted, as he did not have access to the forum in order to state his case.

    From this angle, it appears there may be more going on here than is readily apparent. Indeed, did anyone give thought to the original article possibly having been written with the intention to find someone to file suit against? HA! We sure showed him, huh! Who do you think he should file against first? Show of hands, please.

    The Barrio proved itself a good concept, but as the Dude pointed out, there were some holes. I have only about 3 hours per day that I can donate to this site, we have to earn a living too. Most of that time is spent moderating this site, answering emails and private messages, etc. The Barrio freed up approximately one hour per day of my time, as the number of reported posts and complaints dropped to almost nil, as well I did not have to scrutinize every post made in the Barrio.

    There has always been a small faction of members that were against our takeover of this site, be it loyalty to the former administration or any number of other possible reasons known only to them. Those and others with an axe to grind may have been behind some of this to deliberately cause problems for us with the forum, and I have a pretty good idea of who they are. If and when it comes out, I'm sure there will be a lot of VERY surprised members.

    Time will tell, do carry on.

  2. simple mind

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    Sure looking forward to that event...
  3. filmdude

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    Like it has been said before no good deed goes unpunished!!
  4. TheDude

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    Ah, you're one of those glass is half full people.

    I thought the saying was "life's a b*tch, then you die."
  5. PatO

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    I think the spirit of Larry's post is we need to remove a member who is breaking the forum rules (I am not sure if Philippines laws have been broken). It is not me.
  6. pfotoguy

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    I don't know about the article, but I do know Kojak and he's a stand up guy that goes out of his way to help people.