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Discussion in 'Expat Section' started by PatO, Jun 16, 2014.

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    Some points for ex-pats moving here that worked for me. Most of us moving here know few if anyone coming in. For me, I always had a core of a few selective friends as I am reserved and somewhat quiet. Not to sound arrogant, but I am not a McDonalds coffee "shoot the sh*t" guy or one that hangs at the blvd bars telling lies or whatever or join the poker groups (although I wish I could). I am more than content to stay at home with my wife and boy and in-laws coming around in shifts who don’t speak English.
    Having said that it is necessary to have a few close friends to get together with or bump into at coffee or at a restaurant or pizza place or to schedule a beer with. I feel fortunate to have met what turned out to be some close friends at the gym, Casablanca, Mike’s Beach Resort, and here on the Forum. They have been my support group and cheer leaders during my recovery, and I appreciate their support and enjoy their company when we get together.
    So guys coming in make a few good friends and enjoy the good life here.
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    Simper Fi brother