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How to lose friends in the Philippines

Discussion in 'Expat Section' started by charlyB, Jun 22, 2021.

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    When Filipinos borrow money from relatives or family, the unspoken rule there is “pay when able” because there is nothing the locals hate more than collecting from family.

    This is what I do so I don’t lose friends. When they come to me to ask for “a loan”, I tell them I would rather DONATE a small amount to their cause. DONATE so they don’t have to pay me anything back. It’s not going to be anywhere the amount they want, but they’re going to have to take it or leave it. Im not going to get stiffed with the bulk of their debt just because they think I’m an easy target. So just over to donate a small amount instead of giving them a loan. Makes for a smoother relationship.
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    I don't know.
    I do something very similar, always they go to my wife and I tell her to tell them, that at this time I have money problems because the Tax man back home has hit me with a large claim for unpaid tax, then she offers them the last P1000 out of her own Purse but on a condition they keep it quiet so that I will never find out.

    This has worked out well a couple of times and on both occasions we got it back.
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    I had one Fella give me about 365 hellos here my 1st year coming to stay. He than asked for 100 pesos loan and I said "No". Simple as that and he walked off.

    He has a Scooter and a Cell phone (pawn dat garbage) and I am not a damned bank! Now it is really weird as he has not given me a Hello for the last 2years, walks by my home everyday!

    Charity breeds contempt, and not loaning breeds ignorance! "Now I just say "Go to the Banko"

    Than the ever so common "give me all your Money" To that I always say the same thing which is "have 25 x18 wheeled trucks in front of my home at 3:00 am and I will give you all my money as long as you do all the loading"

    Enough is enough, do not be a Sucker!!!!! Generally People have exactly what they have earned. I worked 47 years, so when someone whom has not worked 47 months, or 47 days or 47 minutes asks for money, it's laughable. My 1st visit here I did feel much different. I tossed out plenty of coin as I felt for the persons asking for it. But in regards to how Foreigners are back doored on their investments and the Xenophobia that runs a-muck in the 3rd World bureaucracy. No thanks and if yah ever get a thanks it will a short lived one.

    Best Answer> KEEP YO MONEY, CAUSE IT'S YO d*mn MONEY!!!!!!!!!!
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    That's one of the reasons I have decided to be an eternal tourist and not an expat.