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Looking For Is there some one out there who sells pig food

Discussion in 'Farmers Market' started by DELETED-shotshapers, Nov 2, 2018.

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    Hello again

    trying to get a few more pigs back up and breeding again, but no intention of just buying the regular old pig food from the local agrivet. Someone mentioned before to me that there was a foreign guy north of Tanjay and he was growing all sorts of grains, specifically for animal feeds, anyone have info on this guy ??????

    been looking and looking and looking online for particular beet types/fodder that can be grown here for pig food, not looking to go down the organic road.

    its definitely a money maker for sure if you could grow your own food for them, corn on its own is not the way to go, go to be supplemented with other foods.

    anyone got any info on someone out there that sells grains or indeed seeds that i can use for sprouting for chicken food, i got 20 or so of those madre da agua trees growing 3 or 4 years but looking to go down the road of sprouts for chickens

    or anyone have any info on hydroponics out there, or anyone messing about with ways of trying to control the temperature in controlled environments for food production

    I am all ears
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    I don't know.
    Peas and Beans (legumes) are a good way to go for feeding livestock especially if you want growth, they are high in protein around 25% whereas cereal grains tend to be low in that respect around 10/12% which is OK to maintain a fully grown animal but to increase growth at a reasonable rate 16% overall or thereabouts is better for young growing animals, having some experience rearing Goats we grew a plant called Indigo Ferra it is a kind of leafy bush and it was reckoned to have around 25% protein level and it is a member of the legume family, Malunguy is another good feed with high protein content and easy to grow, an addition of chicken layers pellets does most animals no harm.
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    I dont have any knowledge on food for pigs and chickens. My question is - what do you do with pig and chicken manure?? Do you know they are a good source of gas for cooking in kitchen and also you get high quality fertiliser?? Nine Kg of pig manure delivers you 1 cubic meter of gas for cooking. You can also add kitchen waste ( rotten vegies, veg skins, left overs, etc).
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    When are we coming around for a meal? :smile:
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    Most of the restaurants here? They must be cooking for the pigs because humans can't eat it. I have tried, and the last time I swear it nearly killed me.
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    You mean the eatery?
    Some are not that bad actually...