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Scott McMahon aquited of rape after years in jail but!

Discussion in 'News and Weather' started by DavyL200, Aug 13, 2016.

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    To my mind! If he has now been proclaimed innocent, all this should be waived and compensation Paid.
    It would in the West. Would it not? :hmmm:
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    The BI appeals process is the way he has of informing the BI what happened so they can waive the fees etc. (interested to see if they do or not). Typically in the US compensation would be from his accuser though a civil lawsuit, not sure he wants to stick around for that. Also interested to see if the prosecutor will charge her for false statements etc, she deserves to be in jail at least as long as he was.
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    Senator Ping Locsin is proposing legislation that would penalize people who lie in a criminal case with imprisonment equal to whatever the accused would have suffered.
    That might make witnesses think twice.
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  4. TheDude

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    Some random thoughts on this.

    He should be happy that all he has to worry about is immigration issues now. It would be interesting to see some numbers, but I'm betting that it's unlikely to get picked up for immigration issues unless you have done something to bring attention to yourself. Allowing this article to be published is a great way to accomplish that.

    From what I have heard of immigration jail, it seems cushy compared to any other jail. He would have been lucky for immigration to pick him up while jailed for the rape accusation. :wink:

    This seems like a dead issue. He has to pay for the visa and now his support network is going to pay that fee rather than risk another detention.

    Everything else is anecdotal. You can get screwed anywhere in the world. Turn on your TV to US news and you'll see storied of unarmed people getting killed by cops and crazy people carrying out mass shootings.

    This is probably a case of bad luck, but also bad decisions which partly resulted in luck working against him. Picking a bad partner carries a great risk of going bust. Medical, business and law are all areas which can contribute to financial disaster. Not having the resources to properly deal with any of these that might be a problem (you don't need to worry about business if you don't start one, but many foreigners do) is a risk factor. Picking a bad partner can put you at risk for legal issues, watch for the flags.

    Relying on the system to work through your legal issues is a bad scenario anywhere. Even in the US, a public defender might not do much for you. Worse in a developing nation witch a heavy backlog of cases. I'm betting this guy didn't have great representation from the beginning.
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