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Valencia: The Spanish Fountain | Dumaguete Info

Because of the very strong influence and governance that the Spaniards left in Negros Oriental, relics and memorabilia of their past regime are scattered about in most towns of the province. One of which is the Spanish Fountain, an ancient waterspout built in the late 1800s which can be found in the peaceful town of Valencia, 9.4 kilometers west of Dumaguete City.

Valencia is naturally gifted with abundant water supply from the nearby Mt. Talinis and the surrounding hills. It was because of this reason that an Augustinian friar devised a system where water from the mountain springs can be channeled down to the main town and thus be used as the people’s primary source of water supply. This led to the construction of the water fountain placed in sunken area of the town plaza. It became a communal provision at that time. Townsfolk would take their bangas (a heavy urn with a wide mouth made of stone which was used to store water and other liquid) to the fountain and gather water.

Spanish Fountain History

Today the Spanish Fountain stands as a proud symbol of historical value for the people of Valencia. It is a popular destination for historical excursions organized by the schools for students and by certain agencies for guided tours. Although it is not being used as a source of water for the town anymore, it can still spout water despite tarnished pipes. Technology and infrastructure has given way for a better water system. Valencia remains to have most inexpensive water utility cost, thanks to the never ending abundance coming from the nearby mountains.

How to get to the Spanish Fountain

The town of Valencia is about 30 minutes drive from the Negros Oriental airport in Sibulan. It is an uphill ascent with refreshing views of flourishing plants and flowers. Upon reaching the town proper, the central plaza can be immediately recognized and the Spanish Fountain can be viewed from the road though not entirely because it is strategically placed in the middle of a sunken courtyard.

Because of its cool climate, Valencia is a natural garden for many kinds of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood. Valencia supplies most of the flowers and fruits found in the Dumaguete City Public Market. If there is a need for a large number of such produce, it is wiser to purchase them from the town itself where they are being sold at very cheap wholesale prices.

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