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Delectable but Inexpensive Food and Delicacies

Your visit in Dumaguete would not be complete if you can’t go around the city for some awesome food stops that are sure to make super delicious memories for any traveler. There isn’t a food joint here you won’t appreciate. If you are in a budget, there are some restaurants around the City that offers delicious but inexpensive food.

Here’s a list of some famous Restaurants in Dumaguete with an affordable menu:

Bossing’s Tempura

Bossing Tempura in Dumaguete City

Bossing Tempura

Erase whatever you have in mind, because Dumaguete’s Tempura is not the deep-fried shrimp dish of the Japanese. Tempura is very similar to Kikiam. Major difference is its length and taste. It’s the most popular street food in Dumaguete City. Bossing’s Tempura is located inside in Silliman University. And now, there are several branches around the City. There are several stores selling tempura but this place is mostly visited because of their special dip numbered zero to five. The number corresponds to the level of spiciness. Zero being the sweetest and five the flaming hot one. For only 4 peso each piece of tempura, you can already enjoy eating a lot.

Bading’s Halo-Halo

Bading's Halo-Halo

Bading’s Halo-Halo

This can be found inside the Dumaguete Public Market. They have a very unique taste of halo-halo. Bading’s halo-halo is known for serving halo-halo with sweetness and creamy goodness. For only 25 pesos, you can enjoy their halo-halo.

Painit sa Palengke

Budbod at Public Market in Dumaguete City

Public Market

Bodbod is Negors Oriental’s version of Suman. Paired with a cup of hot chocolate, Budbod becomes the star in every Negrense’s breakfast table. Puto is also available, which is sticky rice scooped in a cup. Every morning here in Dumaguete City, locals gather at the public market to kick start their day with a helping of Bodbod. For the amount range of 12-20 pesos, you can enjoy a good breakfast.

Kwek-Kwek Street Food (Deep Fried Battered Quail Eggs)

Deep fried quail eggs in Dumaguete City

Deep Fried Quail Eggs

Dumaguete has a lot of street foods around the area. Mostly near the schools and universities. Some vendors usually transfer from one place to another because they use their bicycles for transportation. The most delicious kwek-kwek can be found near Macias Sports Complex, everyday around 4-7pm. The kwek-kwek is only 4 pesos a piece.

Neva’s Pizza

Inexpensive Pizza at Nevis

Kuripot Nevis Pizza

“Kuripot” is the best word to describe Neva’s Pizza in Dumaguete. Not that the owner’s a cheapskate, but their pizzas could go as low as 99 pesos. They also have regular pizzas for 140 pesos which is also still affordable. The distinction of their “kuripot” version is that they use cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella. Best of all its “pugon” baked and they deliver within Dumaguete City area. Neva’s Pizza is a local restaurant only located in Dumaguete City. They also serve great a pasta dishes and drinks.

Sans Rival Cake and Pastries and Sans Rival Bistro

Sans Rival in Dumaguete City

Sylvanas and Sans Rival

Sans Rival is located here in Dumaguete City near the Boulevard area. This restaurant can only be found here in Dumaguete and not in other places.  Sans Rival is well known for their famous golden-disk shaped sylvanas. Every bite of these creamy butter goodies brings you to heaven. They also have chocolate flavor. And they also have their own delicacy named as Dumaguete’s best Sans Rival.

For only 15 pesos each, you can taste this sweet treat. They also sell by box at 125 with 10 pieces. They always have a lot of orders since tourist would usually order dozens. Their restaurant full almost everyday because they also offer other great cakes and foods. They serve lunch meals, desserts and pasta as well. I highly recommend that you try their spaghetti; it’s divine. Single serve is just 38 pesos. This is located near the boulevard.

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