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Silliman University Medical Center (SUMC) is a 140-bed facility located on the Silliman University campus in Dumaguete City, Philippines. It started as an infirmary in 1901 and became a hospital in 1923. Today it serves both the university and the surrounding community.

The medical center maintains a high degree of professional excellence in its services and training programs and has gained a wide reputation for graduates of character and integrity. Training programs offered include post graduate internships, residency training in internal medicine, medical technology, clinical experience for nursing students, physical therapy, nutrition and dietetics, nursing aides’ training for health work, and clinical pastoral education for pastors and seminary students. The medical center provides curative care on both an in patient and out patient basis.

A community health program, Marina Clinic, offering medical and health education outreach to the poor rural areas is supported by the medical center. The center staff believes that the emphasis in all health work must be directed toward total health programs, thinking first of education and prevention and second of curative care. Each team is composed of a doctor, nurse, and other attendants. The teams carry out home visits and attend to those who go to the clinic. Lectures are given to the community in an attempt to reduce the incidence of scabies, tropical ulcers, impetigo, and diarrhea. Monthly refresher courses are held for hilots (native-trained midwives) and in barrio health aid. The clinics emphasize community health education, immunization, out patient services, including family planning, and in patient services for obstetrics and nutrition. The goal of the community health program is to assist the poorest of the poor and the larger community to achieve a higher degree of development in body (physical development), mind (decision making), and spirit (Christian growth in Jesus Christ).

The work of Silliman University Medical Center and its community health projects is assisted by grants from the PC(USA) Thank Offering and Extra Commitment Opportunities # 862231.

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