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An Update on the Sidlakang Negros Tourism Village

Mon, 31 December 2007 05:51:33 – TheDane

The beautiful province of Negros Oriental has another good thing to add on its reputation as one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. With the opening of the Sidlakang Negros Tourism Village in Dumaguete City, more and more people will get to know more about the variety of products and services that the different cities and towns of the province could offer.

Though the launch of the Sidlakang Negros Tourism Village was not that smooth because of the consecutive days of showers and rain, the event was indeed a success. The local authorities of the province held the event at the same time with the Buglasan Festival which started on the 21st of December 2007.

The province really prepared well for the Sidlakang Negros Tourism Village. Exactly a week before the actual opening, the Negros Marathon was held to promote the event. Lots of local residents and visitors participated in the different running events that were prepared for the children, teenagers and adults as well.

The Sidlakang Negros Tourism Village is really big and is estimated to be about a hectare wide. Lots of local harvests, delicacies and products will be featured in various booths that will run through the entire area. This effort will definitely attract a huge number of tourists and visitors, not only from the Philippines, but from the entire world as well. Throughout the whole year, this village will continuously run to promote the province into the different parts of the world.

In general, the launch of the Sidlakang Negros Tourism Village was a success. With the local residents coordinating properly with the different requests and demands of the local government, success is not a very hard thing to rich. After this wonderful start, the effort is expected to produce excellent results in the next few years or so. Through this effort, the province of Negros Oriental did a very good example upon which other provinces and municipalities can pattern their programs.

The Sidlakang Negros Tourism Village gave the province a very good reason to celebrate its state of being one of the most progressive regions in the country today. This effort would surely capture the attention as well as the interest of numerous people worldwide. In the next couple of months and years, it is quite interesting to watch the result of such noble effort. The local leaders as well as the residents should be given credit for their undying support for this project.