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Captain Ribbers | Dumaguete Info

Captain Ribbers | Dumaguete Info Wow! If you really love ribs you must visit Captain Ribbers on Silliman Avenue. This stylishly decked out open plan venue is built for an atmosphere inspiring setting. Their menu, as you may imagine is focused around their four rib flavours Honey-Mustard, Spicy BBQ, BBQ and Oriental but some other tasty alternative are also available such as Korean Kebabs, Butter Lemon Tuna and Chili Cheese Frys. Read more →

Casa Margaritha | Dumaguete Info

Casa Margaritha | Dumaguete Info Casa Margaritha Bed & Breakfast Guesthouse opened in 2011, situated on a quiet beach in Sibulan (Just 10 m inutes from Dumaguete) with excellent views of The Tanon Strait and Cebu Island. 24 Hours – 7 Days http://www.casa-margaritha.com info@casa-margaritha.com Rated: 3.4 by 5 ratings Related posts: Wellbeach Dive Resort Nice, cosy, wellmaintained resort with very good food and frendly people. Ideal for scuba diving. Read more →

Casablanca Delicatessen & Restaurant | Dumaguete Info

Casablanca Delicatessen & Restaurant | Dumaguete Info Casablanca Delicatessen & Restaurant Located in the middle of the famous Rizal Boulevard of Dumaguete City, Casablanca – Delicatessen & Fine Dining Restaurant – is the best address for delicious Mediterranean and European food. Chef Günther and highly trained team invites you for a dining experience “par excellence”. Casablanca Restaurant in Dumaguete is using only the freshest ingredients from local markets and selected international suppliers. Read more →

Casablanca Delicatessen | Dumaguete Info

Casablanca Delicatessen | Dumaguete Info Only the finest and most exquisite articles find their way to Casablanca Deli Shop. Visit us for our selection on homemade and imported food and beverages with the finest wine selection in Dumaguete City. Exquisite Wines Our exquisite selection of international quality wines includes wines from France, Italy, Germany, Australia and Latin America. Oven-fresh Bread Daily fresh and crisp selection of homemade bread loafs, bread rolls and baguettes, from our own Casablanca bakery with imported ingredients ensure the highest possible quality. Read more →

Casablanca Restaurant | Dumaguete Info

Casablanca Restaurant | Dumaguete Info Having been a regular visitor to the new Casablanca I’ve seen the amazing opening standards slip with the service and food however my recent visit has rekindled what I thought was lost. The staff have always been friendly and knowledgeable but now they are also attentive and awake. The food also has regained its former glory in both taste and presentation. And now the ambiance has returned I plan to make many further visits because it’s the only place in Dumaguete that reminds me of home. Read more →

Casaroro Falls | Dumaguete Info

Casaroro Falls | Dumaguete Info Casaroro falls is beyond what seems to be an infinate number of steps (actually 350) however I wasn’t at all disapointed. At the bottom of the steps there’s a short walk meandering through the valley and accross a minature suspension bridge, butterflies, birds and foliage line the path to the 90 degree bend in the river where, you can see the falls plummiting into deep pool. Read more →

Cata-al War Memorabilia | Dumaguete Info

Cata-al War Memorabilia | Dumaguete Info This fantasic collection of bombs, guns, knives, swords, munitions, book, medicine, clothing and vehicles is nothing compared to the depth of knowledge of the owner. His insights and stories make the place come alive. Entrance is free, as is the tour but a tips box is hidden near the door – don’t miss it as the survival of this plethora of historical artifacts depends on it. Read more →

Ceres Liner | Dumaguete Info

Ceres Liner | Dumaguete Info Bus Terminal Dumaguete City Timetable and prices Dumaguete To Cebu – 4hrs 30m (approx) Dumaguete 4:30 am, Cebu 9:00am Dumaguete 6.00am, Cebu 10:30am Dumaguete 8.45am, Cebu 1:15pm Dumaguete 12.50pm, Cebu 5:30pm Dumaguete 2.30pm, Cebu 7:15pm Cebu to Dumaguete – 4hrs 30m (approx) Cebu 6.00am, Dumaguete 10:30am Cebu 10.00am, Dumaguete 2:30pm Cebu 1:00pm, Dumaguete 5:30pm Cebu 3:00pm, Dumaguete 7:30pm Cebu 7.00pm, Dumaguete 11:30pm Price P230 – P250 each Moalboal You can reach Moalboal from Dumaguete within 2-3 hours. Read more →