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Nice and Easy Town of Siquijor

A good place to spend a vacation in is some place where time leisurely passes by almost unnoticed and the scenic surroundings simply wait to be stared at. The quiet town of Siquijor in the enchanting island of Siquijor is a perfect place to while time away.

The busy and eventful days of the corporate life suddenly comes to a stand still in the slow pace of Siquijor town everyday life. Such feeling becomes dominant once the visitor sets foot on the grounds of the undemanding town. It is perfectly all right to just amble by the quiet roads of Siquijor town and maybe saunter along the nearby beaches to let the roar of the waves break the monotony of hushed Suiquijor town surroundings. There are sea inlets to stare at leisurely while letting fresh gusts of wind from the bay play with one’s hair.

Squinting afar to reduce the glare of the morning Siquijor town sun, one may glimpse not a few enthusiasts engaged in some aqua sport on the lavish waves of the sea—after all, there are plenty of posh tourist inns within sight from the Siquijor town, like the popular Coco Grove, affording more delightful ways to enjoy the shorelines. Siquijor town’s gentle settings are surrounded by the lush wild vegetation that pair charmingly with its azure waters. Such natural lure of the quiet town of Siquijor is likewise harnessed by other close by popular tourism establishments as Calalinan Beach Garden, Dondeezco Beach Resort, Tikarol Beach, with several tourist mini hotels like Rudy’s and Buhisan.

Siquijor town is also strategic to other scenic places that the island of Siquijor boasts of. Siquijor town affords easy transportation like tricycles and jeepneys to other nearby towns like San Juan and Larena. A mere 15 kilometer-travel from Siquijor town brings the visitor to San Juan’s hidden springs. Also just some 15 kilometers away from Siquijor town is found one of the oldest church and the biggest convent in the country in the town of Lazi.

Some 53 kilometers away from Siquijor town is the romantic town of Maria, which is full of gigantic trees and lush forest, and permitting an uninterrupted view of the Bohol Sea.

Besides being a practical take off point to the beautiful towns and spots of the island, Siquijor town is itself a quixotic place to spend refreshing mornings in and to idle in the afternoon as one watches the dying sun settle in the horizon.