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Dubbed as the “Marine Paradise of Central Visayas,” Siquijor was proclaimed a marine reserve and tourist destination in 1978 by Proclamation No. 1810. In line with this, the Philippine Tourism Authority was charged with converting it into a principal tourist zone.

Siquijor Sights

Siquijor is renowned for its scenic spots and antique churches. Aside from that, it is likewise endowed with natural and historical sights. Its intact environment as well as its hospitable people is one reason why tourists are lured to come to the place. The serene atmosphere of Siquijor is the ideal place to go on a vacation. With a wide array of attractions, it is the leading tourist destination in Central Visayas.

Siquijor is surrounded by limestone materials, balate, mangroves, coral reefs, and white sandy beaches. Its shoreline stretches 102 kilometers. Except the towns of Lazi and San Juan, majority of the province are mountain ranges. Standing 557 meters above sea level, Mt. Bandilaan is the province’s highest peak.

The coastal area surrounding Siquijor measures 84.46 square kilometers and its mangroves has an area of 3.82 square kilometers. Likewise, its shore stretch 15.49 square kilometers and coral reefs stretching 800 sq. kms.

Fishing is a prime occupation with Siquijor Sea, Mindanao Sea, and Bohol Strait serving as the chief fishing areas. Inland fisheries consist of fresh and blackish water. Fishponds in Siquijor are 15 hectares long while swamps lands cover 71 hectares.

How to get to Siquijor

Siquijor is accessible through land, air, and sea. Its six municipalities are linked by asphalt or concrete roads. It has a vast road network stretching 368 kilometers. More than half of this network are provincial roads, 22% comprise barangay roads, 20% are national roads, and 6% are municipal roads.

By sea, Siquijor has three major seaports strategically positioned in the municipalities of Siquijor, Lazi, and Larena. Serving as the main artery to the island is Larena, which can take in ships measuring 500 tons. Recently, fast crafts has found its way to Siquijor making Larena a major tourist destination. The port of Larena connects the province to Iligan and Plaridel in Mindanao, as well as to Cebu, Tagbilaran, and Dumaguete. Plans are in the works for the expansion of Larena, which will increase its capacity by 200 tons.

By air, the feeder airports of Cang-alwang is open for light aircrafts. Chartered planes can likewise be accommodated from various points in the country. It is currently being renovated to provide more accessibility of the airport to accept regular commercial trips.