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What should I do if I have a problem with the post rating feature?

If you received a negative rating you don't think you deserved you can:
  1. Report the message given the disputed negative rating for moderation by clicking the "Report" link under the post.
  2. Contact a staff member through PM with a link to the post/rating in question.
    • Note: You can get the link to the specific post by clicking the number located at the top right of your post.
  3. Politely contact the user that gave you a negative rating through a PM and ask if it was given on accident. There is no limit on how long users have to remove ratings they have given in the past.
    • Note: Most negative ratings that don't seem to fit the post were given on accident. However, be careful with this one and don't start a flame war. If the user seems to be giving negative ratings just to troll or they do not reply to your message you can invite a staff member to the conversation or PM them directly.
If you received a neutral rating you don't agree with you should:
  1. Watch this video.
If you received a positive rating you don't agree with you should:
  1. Please go see a shrink. DI staff is not trained to deal with those kinds of personal issues.
If you can't view or give ratings:
  1. Send an admin a PM and let them know what the issue is and they will try to figure out what's going on or they will explain why the feature is not currently available to you.
  2. Post a thread in this sub-forum explaining the problem.
Apr 19, 2017
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