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    Since I know all the parties mentioned in this thread I will add my $.02.

    Two years ago we engineered and metal-roofed a large South East facing garage area with the intent to then add a grid-tied solar array. We spoke with Bryan Pine( Polaris Perry Loos' partner), then The Solar Guy Jeff Davis, and finally with Ken Scales RIP.

    I found all 3 to be professional, likable, and informative. I took the time to tour previous installations performed by all 3. I spoke to some of their previous customers.

    Since our roof has a single "all day" unshaded face we decided upon the efficient "string inverters" rather than the slightly more expensive "micro inverters" then offered by Bryan Pine. If we had shady areas, or a multi-angled roof we would likely have used the microinverters and had Bryan do the job. Each type of system has it's advantages and disadvantages.

    Once the deal with Jeff was agreed on, the panels, inverters, and associated hardware were here( Dauin) the NEXT DAY. We used 66 Seraphim 260watt Poly panels. That's a total of 17.1 kw which we feed into 3 x 5kw inverters.

    I wanted to learn as much as I could so I was up on the roof asking alot of questions. Jeff, and most contractors will likely be using subcontractors to do the actual installation work. Some of the workers are great and some are still learning - I don't have a problem with that. I found errors and sloppy work. No surprises there - it's more fun in the Philippines. But realistically that's the case anywhere. To his credit Jeff promptly corrected the problems to my satisfaction. The installation didn't take long.

    Getting the permits went quickly. However dealing w/ Noreco took a while plus some creative lubrication.

    Over the last 2 yrs various parts of the system have failed. One of the 3 Zever 5kw inverters blew. Jeff replaced it with a new one for free under warrantee. However it took a few weeks to get the replacement part and the tech contractor back here to Negros. They travel all around the country to do installations as needed. There have been a few other less critical items that he swapped out as well (breakers etc) but that's to be expected I guess. There have been no issues whatsoever over the last 5 months.

    All things considered:

    I would use Jeff "The Solar Guy" again for an installation for an unshaded single faced roof.

    I would not hesitate to use Bryan Pine if I had partial shading, different roof angles, or I wanted to individually monitor the output of every solar panel.

    I live abroad and did not know Ken Scales had passed away until reading this thread.

    I currently use Polaris Power Engineering for misc electrical work at our property. I have never been unhappy with them over 10 yrs.


    1. The photo shows the roof w/ a few more panels left to install. 22 panels feed into each of the 3 inverters.

    2. The cost of solar panels has fallen quite a bit over the last 2 years. The cost of power purchased from Noreco has remained constant at 11p/kwh here in Dauin.

    3. Our Southeast facing roof has a 12 degree pitch as recommended for this lattitude. 66 x 260 watt panels fed into 3 x 5kw inverters offset approx 17,000 pesos/month of Noreco bills. Our monthly bills went from 24,000 p to 7,000 p on average. Dauin-Photos-Beachhouse-2.jpg
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  2. danbandanna

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    Just returned from our 3 day experience at Silliman Medical and thought I would share my observations with those of you who are interested. Just to add that Jonie underwent a Cesarean birth so this will reflect in the stress, and costs noted here. I would also add that this was the first baby for both of us as I spent my life pursuing other opportunities and having a child simply did not fit in my plans... So we both were novices but had the support of her mother and our Ya Ya who I must add is a godsend... I will list my Pros and Cons as I see them so be advised these are just my observations... :smile:

    1. Support staff on the OB second floor to include the Nurses, and duty Physicians were nothing short of excellent. Friendly, supportive at all times which was a blessing as I can be a handful when it comes to supporting those I love.. 5 stars !!

    2. Room is large enough for patient and 1 support person to sleep over, and can handle several guests at a time without being crowded. TV is modern and cable is good for those who wish to watch. The CR is large with heated shower. Split Air Con is very good and it is easy to chill the room to anyone's preference.

    3. Food is hospital food so enough said, there is a coffee shop on the second floor with good coffee and all day breakfast. I did not go to the cafeteria so cannot comment but there is a 7-11 across the street with most anything you might have forgotten in the rush to the hospital

    1. Bring your own toilet tissue, wipes, soap, pillows, blankets and extra chairs as is only one chair in the room and comfort is not its high point.
    2. The building is undergoing renovations so there is some noise during the day and there is only one elevator working when we were there so be prepared for some delay when using.
    3. Parking is non existent so arrange to be dropped off but we had our car so I parked a block away and was able to find parking in front after 6 pm... results vary so if you are lucky enough to snag a spot then plan to stay until you check out.

    My costs for the 3 day stay which included a private room, operating room, doctors fee, labs and pharmacy totaled 108,270.86. I was fortunate to snag 3 years of Phil Health for 7500 before costs went up and they paid 19000 so total was 89,000 plus.
    I consider this worth every peso..
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  3. Brian Oinks

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    I did up a list a whiles back for personal use, still working on it and adding as I find new places locally, but will share it here, maybe you can contact some of them and enquire regards services you need.

    I have also added Phone Numbers, Street Addresses, Online Web links etc whatever they had listed. (No doubt much of the online/phone number info is now no good but you never know)

    Maybe others can add their preferred Mechanic/ Tyre Dealer/ Service Center/ Upholsterer/ Auto Electrician/ Panel Shop/ Paint Shop/ Bike Shop etc to let others know what is available locally, also give experiences with any listed or not listed so that others will know who they can trust and who to avoid...

    Sentro Auto Parts & Service Center
    Sta. Rosa Street Fronting DCCCO
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Phone: +63 35 422-8443
    Phone: +63 35 226-3751
    Phone: +63 35 522-0894
    Phone: +63 9225848048
    GIL BRIAN FUENTES - 09228438351 (SUN)
    ANDREW PAUL CATAN - 09237247595 (SUN)
    Sentro Auto Parts & Service Center

    Good Year AutoCare
    Nbyci Tire Division Calindagan Road
    6200 Dumaguete, Negros Oriental
    Phone: +63 35 225 0302
    Good Year AutoCare - Dumaguete, Negros Oriental - Layanan Lokal | Facebook

    Map Auto Shop - Dumaguete Branch
    Hi-way Brgy. Junob, 6200 Dumaguete City, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 421 1127
    MAP Autoshop - Dumaguete Branch - Kota Dumaguete - Toko Perbaikan Otomotif | Facebook

    Scud Auto Service Center
    Jose Romero Road, Dumaguete,
    6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 225 8416
    Scud Auto Service Center

    Kens Trading Surplus Spare Parts
    National Highway, Airport Area, Sibulan,
    Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 422 5068
    Phone: +63 35 226 1420
    Kens Trading Surplus Spare Parts - Dumaguete, Negros Oriental - Otomotif, Pesawat & Kapal | Facebook

    Juan Auto Parts
    Plaza Doña Milagros Bldg. Sta. Rosa St.
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Phone: +63 35 420 9588
    Phone: +63 35 415 3457
    Phone: +63 942 205 7232

    John Auto Repair Shop
    Real Street,
    Dumaguete City, Philippines

    Prince Auto Workz
    Noreco Rd., Mangnao
    Bacong, Negros Oriental, Philippines 6216
    Phone: +63 927 774 0218
    Prince Auto Workz

    Dumaguete Car Creation & Accessories
    18th Pinili Street, Dumaguete City
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Phone: +63 35 4227538

    HVL Auto Parts Center
    Colon Street,
    Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 4228384
    HVL Auto Parts Center - Dumaguete, Negros Oriental - Toko Pasokan Otomotif | Facebook
    HVL Auto Parts - Toko Pasokan Otomotif | Facebook

    Robert’s Auto Parts?
    Real St
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Phone: +63 35 422 0154
    Robert Auto Parts - Kota Dumaguete - Toko Perbaikan Otomotif | Facebook

    Dumaguete Autolink Supply and Services
    EJ blanco extension Daro dumaguete city
    Dumaguete City 6021
    Phone: +63 916 342 6893
    Dumaguete autolink Supply & Services

    Jeric Autoparts
    Sta. Rosa Street
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Jeric Auto Parts - Kota Dumaguete - Layanan Lokal | Facebook

    J & J Victory Auto Service Shop
    Purok San Juan Brgy. Buñao,
    Dumaguete City, 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 422 6467
    Phone: +63 905 449 7861

    JRC Auto Supply
    Acias Pinili Street, Japi Building,
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Phone: +63 35 522 1007
    Phone: +63 35 522 3454

    Dumaguete Auto Parts Center
    Calindagan Road
    Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
    Phone: +63 35 4222131

    Diesel Power Parts Center
    South Road,
    Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
    Phone: +63 35 5220983

    Sj Vilan Electrical Repair Shop
    Real st. cnr lukewright st.
    Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 918 687 0574

    Asiatic Marketing
    495 Perdices Street,
    Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
    Phone: +63 35 225 0485

    EarthWorks Auto Parts
    Perdices Street,
    Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
    Phone: +63 35 422 5225

    AJ AUTO GLASS AND CAR TINTING / AJ44 Auto Glass And Aluminum Supply
    Door 4, South Pacific Building, Perdices Street,
    Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 226 1834

    JM Motor Parts
    Angatan, Tabuc-Tubig,
    Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
    Phone: +63 35 422 1057

    Jack's Garage Dumaguete
    St. John the Baptist Street, Sr. Santo Nino Drive, Calindagan, 6200 Dumaguete City
    Phone: +63 906 374 3623

    Aldrich Autocare and Lube Center
    Barangay Lower Bagacay, Jose Romero Road
    6200 Dumaguete City
    Phone: +63 35 422 3775
    Phone: +63 917 8229093

    TIMS-Petron CCC (Auto Acc's)
    Highway Boloc-Boloc Sibulan
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Phone: +63 917 329 4903

    Erwin Auto Glass & Alluminum Supply
    21 Cervantes Street,
    Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, 6200
    Phone: +63 35 422 8984

    Nicolaos Auto Glass & Aluminum Supply
    P-3A Sayre Hi-way Poblacion Valencia City
    Valencia, Bukidnon 8709
    Phone: +63 915-705-2239
    Phone: +63 905-639-9032 / 088-828-5439

    Ramar Kooling Systems
    14 Legaspi Street,
    Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 2250654
    Phone: +63 35 4229282
    Phone: +63 35 225 0654

    Robert Tire Service Center
    National Highway, Airport Area, Sibulan
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Phone: +63 35 2250751
    Phone: +63 35 4220182

    Mjk Auto Parts, Accessories & Surplus
    Sibulan, Negros Oriental
    Phone: +63 35 4198010

    B'man Car Service Center
    Tubtubon, Sibulan,
    Dumaguete City, 6201
    Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 226 1923
    Phone: +63 35 419 7086

    The Tire Shop Incorporated
    Acias Pinili Street,
    Dumaguete City, 6200, Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 422 4869

    Requina's Upholstery Shop
    Dumaguete North Rd,
    Bantayan, Dumaguete City, Philippines
    Phone: +63 915 413 8418

    Quantum DLUX (Car Hire)
    Dumaguete City-Valencia-Bacong Rd
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Phone: +63 917 841 6684

    Quantum Dlux Tour
    Jose Romero Road,
    Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 420 5008

    Kabayan Car Rental - Dumaguete City
    Kiosk A, Yala building, Calindagan
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Phone: +63 977 289 3867

    RODG Rent a Car -> Dumaguete Car Rental Services -> Dumaguete Affordable Car Rental
    132 Rovira Road Pulantubig Dumaguete City
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Highlights info row image
    Phone: +63 925 826 8919

    Safe Ride Car Rental
    Jose Romero Road, Bagacay,
    Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
    Philippines 6200
    Phone: +63 35 522 8527
    Phone: +63 917 310 0293 (GLOBE)
    Phone: +63 925 511 6113 (SUN)
    Phone: +63 920 958 1550 (SMART)

    Scud’s Rent A Van and Taxi
    Valencia Drive, Bagacay,
    Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 225 8416

    Dumaguete Rent-A-Van
    Rovira Road,
    Bantayan, Dumaguete City,
    Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 225 4612

    Dumaguete's Rent A Van
    Purok Dao, Tubtubon
    Sibulan 6201
    Phone: +63 933 965 8490

    Dumaguete's Finest Rent a Van
    Phone: +63 9276810411

    Dumaguete Car Rental
    Kiosk A Yala Building 6200, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 420 9894

    Boni Rent A Car Incorporated
    Real Street, Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 225 2261

    Menz Rent A Car / R and R Rent A Van
    L. Rovira Road, Bantayan, Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 225 1386
    Phone: +63 35 225 2585

    Angel Rent a Car
    Governor Serafin Teves Street, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 225 0876

    L.A. Rent a Van
    2212 Fatima Highway, Calindagan,
    Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 422 3119

    Dumaguete-Oilman Rent A Car - selfdrive only
    Sta. Rosa Street
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Phone: +63 920 834 3043

    Self Drive Car Rental - Dumaguete
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Phone: +63 915 194 0130

    K and K Trading (Rental)
    South Road, Mangnao
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Phone: +63 917 726 2142

    Vip Limo Services
    117, Silliman Avenue,
    Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 225 7678

    TS Tours Services
    Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 917 585 0326

    Lemuel T. Barredo Motorcycle For Rent
    Noblefranca Streets, Corner Perdices Street,
    Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 225 8106

    Alexa Motorcycle For Rent
    7 Santa Catalina Street,
    Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 422 6873

    Kokoi's Motorbike Rental
    Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 975 267 4320

    Philippine MotoAdventures
    Dumaguete Airport, Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines
    Phone: +63 35 226 3456

    Fullwon Philippines (Heavy Machinery)
    RM. 301 EBT Bulding Rizal Blvd
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Phone: +63 995 653 7300

    Ricky Overhauling Radiator Tank and Battery Charging
    San Jose Street, Poblacion7
    Dumaguete City 6200
    Phone: +63 915 933 5974
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  4. Dave & Imp

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    There is a recent addition to the dentists in town. Dr. Julie Flor Cordeta, Premier Dental Care Solution. I read about her on the forum and decided to see her since I had a tooth ache that keep me up occasionally. She is located across from the Phoenix gas station south of the mall. I do not make many recommendations on the forum but I would recommend her, after three visits and being very comfortable with her performance:

    First appointment was a meet and greet with a review of my dental situation and recommendations with costs: no charge

    Second appointment was to clean and fill a cavity, in my mouth: 500 P cleaning, 500 P for cavity. (No more tooth pain).

    Third appointment visit was for second cavity and root canal: This one was more interesting as after starting the cavity repair, after taking an x-ray, said she may not have to do the root canal if the cavity did not get too close to the nerve... The cavity was 500 P inclusive of x-ray, and the root canal was 4500 P but she did not have to do the root canal. I walked out with no pain in my mouth or wallet.

    I have been impressed by her thorough explanations of procedures and pleasant “chair side” manner. I have no more tooth ache. My mouth feels good, there was very little pain during the processes, and I still have pesos in my pocket for a couple of good meals.

    Since she is new, so is her office, and very modern looking to a layman like myself. I was impressed again with a device she put in my mouth that was a camera and an image of what she was going to do, the cavities were displayed on a TV monitor on the wall in front of me, as well as the mentioned x-ray and an explanation of services. I am confident in the services I received from her.

    Note: this is the fourth dentist I have used in town: First charged me extremely high skin tax but was recommended by my Filipino Landlord. Second: tried a switch and bait scheme on me. Third: lost my records after charging me for a preliminary exam. Four did a bridge, he has moved and the bridge does not always feel right. Dr. Julie Flor Cordeta is the only one I have confidence in at this time. Contact number is 09175280792. Or premierdcs@gmail.com or premierdent.net.
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  5. Charlie

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    O.K., my
    generator is fixed now. They picked it up at the house last Thursday afternoon and was delivered back today about 2:00 p.m.. The owner himself came to the house to look at it Thursday to determine the problem. A half hour later his boys came with the truck to pick it up. Friday he had us come to his shop to see what they found bad in the alternator. So we told him to go ahead with the fix which would require a rewind. The boys brought it back today, I tested it under load and all is well. Total cost from him P6500. I consider that quite fair.
    The company is Marlet Electrical and Rewinding Shop. Mario P. Sorila. He's on what I call the BIR road in Bagacay not too far from the Dumaguete Valencia road. (035) 421-0371 or 0916-458-8803.
    All types AC DC motor & generator repair and other electrical related issues.
    He doesn't do engine repair, but anything electrical in generators is his specialty.
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  6. PatO

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    I had a doctor’s appt at the new Ace Hospital in Daro today. They opened up April 1, which should have been called a soft opening, given the internal finishing going on. Not many doctors moved there yet. Spacious waiting room and modern facilities (or will be when complete). Three floors including a surgical ward. My doctor said they can do an echocardiogram on my heart so maybe it will be high tech there.
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  7. simple mind

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    Experience at Holy Child Hospital

    I decided to write about my experience at Holy Child Hospital, I believe this information is helpful to any future Patients of this Hospital.
    Holy Child is located at the centre of Dumaguete City, I decided to go there because of it's location, it was much easier for my wife to go there, than for example Siliman or Provincial Hospital.
    I caught an Urinary Tract Infection probably because of impure Drinking water, I treated myself at first with Amoxicilin but after four days it became severe and I admitted myself at the Emergency Room at about 8pm.
    I was taken care of immediately and asked all the relevant questions and then my address details were taken down, after that they hooked me up to the famous “Dextrose”.
    I was admitted to a Private Room with Bathroom/Toilet, TV and Aircon, quite large, facing the street and a bit noisy but tolerable, this was in the older part, one can have a room in the new section in the centre for the same price but non was available, for 1250PhP a day, this included three meals as much as I can see from the bill.
    Because I was already admitted and had a long history of Digestive problems, I then decided to have at the same time an “Colonoscopy” and an “Endoscopy” for a total of 7200PhP for the procedures and 9500PhP for professional fees.
    I was admitted for 3 days and had to pay a total of 22'162PhP with everything included, also some drugs and materials, exempt my medication to treat my infection and the problems they found in my stomach and colon.
    Some of the drugs and materials have to be bought outside in the diverse Drug Stores, so one needs to have somebody to do that, some of the procedures can not be performed if one can not find the items needed, I was most of the time alone in the room, what I am comfortable with but I got some remarks about this not being conform with Filipino custom were a relative will be present at all times.
    The overall experience was a good one, the staff was very friendly and helpful and I would go back any time if needed, I did not have to make a down payment but that was maybe because I look so wealthy! and was in company of another Foreigner when admitted.:o
    Simple Mind
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  8. okiebound

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    We bought our Chevrolet in Dumaguete (they were at the mall from Bacolod). We had to take it for required maintenance (for warranty coverage) to a local auto shop every 3 months and have our book filled out, showing we were keeping up with the maintenance. One day my car wouldn't start after driving to the mall, got a jump, drove home. Next morning the battery was dead again, so I charged it and it started. I drove it the next day and it died again. I was told to clean the terminals on the battery, it still died, then I was told it was the battery, so I replaced the battery, it STILL died!! Come to find out, it was the alternator and I was quoted something like 20,ooophp for a new alternator, which was supposed to be covered by the warranty. The car was only 2 years old and I questioned why the alternator would already be bad, and a local mechanic got into the guts of the alternator and was able to replace a small part inside that was faulty (not the entire alternator) for 7,000php. I submitted all paperwork to be reimbursed by Chevrolet for the warranty work. They said they would reimburse me, but denied my claim by ignoring my requests and not taking, nor returning, my phone calls. So, at one of my required maintenance appointments (which was performed by Bacolod Chevrolet), instead of paying them the 9000php (a ridiculous amount anyway) they usually charged for that service, I paid them 2000php and gave them copies of the paperwork for the 7000php warranty work, and I said "now we are even"!! They never refuted it or sent me another bill........anyway, watch out, they are a bunch of crooks!!
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  9. bootlegger

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    I wish you all the best mate, as I now also face my own mortality for the second time in 9 years, (stage 4 cancer). My remission is over and only recent medication,(very expensive), seems to have applied the brakes to things a little.
    It is easy to say, but try and relax a bit more, consult whoever needs to be consulted(medically speaking) and never give up. I have also try to adhere to the old adage, "Still breathing, still fighting".
    I wish you the best of luck, medical knowledge and send you good vibes.
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  10. mirohu

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    I recently had a motorized pumpboat built, 17 feet (5.23 meters), 7.5 hp gasoline engine.
    Can carry 500 lbs (227 kg) of passengers and cargo.
    Boat with engine is about 300 lbs (150 kg)
    Probably 20 feet plus for 4 passengers depending on their weight.
    Builder's name is Alejandro at Martisan Beach in Bacong. He and his wife sourced and transported all the materials which reduced much of the hassle.
    Whoever builds the boat make sure to use Santa Clara marine plywood, it costs a lot more, but very good quality, everything else will fall apart.
    Use a generous amount of pioneer brand epoxy and copper nails to hold it all together.
    My sidewalls are 1/2 inch and the bottom is 3/4 inch plywood, most fishermen will use 3/8 on the sidewalls and 1/2 on the bottom.
    7.5 hp engine, stainless steel prop shaft and prop, stainless steel rudder and universal joint was purchased for PHP8500 at Lucky Terminal on the very south end of the Blvd in Dumaguete.
    7.5 hp will push my boat around 16 kmph. More power and speed would be nice, 16 hp would be a hot rod.
    Longer and heavier boat will require more hp which will increase the price by at least PHP 5000
    The engine layout uses a lot of space in the boat even though the engine is very small.
    Mount the engine as far back as possible because the best passenger space is in front of the engine.
    Materials PHP 16,000 and labor PHP 5000, epoxy paint was PHP 2000, mechanical parts PHP 8500. Total was about PHP 31,500.
    You are probably looking at about PHP 40,000 - 45,000 for what you describe.
    Took about 2.5 weeks to build.
    I have some custom things on my boat that make it much nicer than a typical fishing boat.
    I have things I would do differently on my next boat.
    Send me a message if you want more info.

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