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    Met a guy in valencia on sunday morning at the market selling fresh asparagus. Took a trip up to apolong today to have a look at his operation. Was surprised at how much he grows up there.
    Its not the woody old stuff from the supermarkets,this stuff can be eaten raw as so tender.
    He can be found at the end of the sunday vegtable market near the elementary school or call ricky on 09087040603

    I also noticed somebody next door had set up a small mushroom farm growing oyster mushrooms.

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    talisay.jpg I recommend you to look out for a Talisay tree, they grow relatively fast, they are undemanding (they grow up everywhere, even at the beach, and don't need much water), and they spend great shadow later on. you can also trim the branches in any form or direction you like. doesn't have any fruits except a kind of nuts, our dogs like them to chew on them. if you find a big Talisay tree just search under it, there are many sprouts to take out. Never pay anything for a young tree, they are available everywhere for free, maybe just ask the property owner before you take out some. you don't want to get shot for a tree. if you don't find any just txt me, we have a lot around here.
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    We're raising sheep partly for our own consumption and partly to sell either slaughtered or alive.
    Our sheep are grazers on a two ha property. We take good care of them by giving them extra feed collected from neighboring properties plus commercial cattle feed, molasses and vitamins.
    They're regularly dewormed and generally in excellent health.
    Males are slaughtered between 12 and 14 months of age. Females by about 10 months.
    Lamb meat on the bone sells for P400 per kilo. Available in one half ( 4 to 6 kg) or one whole carcass (8 to 12 kg) Price for live sheep depends on size and or they're pregnant or not but not younger than 4 months.

    At the moment we're ( to use a popular phrase) “out of stock”.
    If you want us to give you notice if we're “in stock” then pls. leave your name and phone # on 09194046807
    We're located in brg Silab in Amlan but will deliver the (frozen) meat in Dumaguete.

    Refards Jacob & Chris
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