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  1. 10
    Awarded: May 26, 2020

    Can't Stop!

    You've posted 100 messages. I hope this took you more than a day!

    Users who have attained this trophy: Mikala, john boy, wretched_hyena, Pedro, alesypalsy, jimeve, Princeton, Show Pony, tomtorific, Firefly44

  2. 5
    Awarded: Mar 15, 2020

    Keeps Coming Back

    30 messages posted. You must like it here!

    Users who have attained this trophy: SteveB, lbriggs2002@hotmail.com, jim787, Danny, govoner, rmlupu, baltoed, fundiver198, camote, Rye83

  3. 1
    Awarded: Nov 8, 2019

    First Message

    Post a message somewhere on the site to receive this.

    Users who have attained this trophy: pkrbrad, Ricardo, Cyndi, flodis, Sunredaussie, Survivor Adik, JohnInValencia, traveller2104, chi town, booann

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  5. 1
    Awarded: Jul 8, 2020

    Bad post rating?

    Everyone has an off day. Here's a trophy point, hope that cheers ya up a bit.

    Users who have attained this trophy: Miguel, neil.kindness, tanjay, LENNY, Tax refugee, ChMacQueen, tuba-coma, Mom Miriam, Jack Peterson, Justice911

  6. 10
    Awarded: Jun 11, 2020

    I Like It a Lot

    Your messages have been liked 25 times.

    Users who have attained this trophy: MikeB, Nutz2U2, davewe, tomtorific, Rye83, Charlie, Wildlands1, ex231, mattchu5150, gerry_bc

  7. 2
    Awarded: Dec 17, 2019

    Somebody Likes You

    Somebody out there liked one of your messages. Keep posting like that for more!

    Users who have attained this trophy: dustylane53, garbonzo, Cappuccino, grandpainak, boomerang, Sunredaussie, San Miguel, Raff, TheDude, andiflip