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    This is my house rental that will fund my stay in the Philippines

    Hi I am Chris Wren, I'm retiring in the Philippines, my goal is to retire with a monthly expenditure of $575 per month. I am calling my channel, Brit in the Philippines. It will be a video log of my friends, retirement lifestyle and costs of living in the Philippines.

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  1. Drjeremy50
    My wife and I can live on 25k a month in Dumaguete quite easily in a modern western style house, but no rent to be paid, and definately no car.
    Does not take into account medicines,visa costs, travel etc.
    The big issue is medical expenses.
  2. artpepper88
    Hi, Chris. Like Michael B above, or is it below, in my view $575/month will be woefully inadequate here in Dumaguete. Have you test-driven the country by coming for a visit? Where do you get your budget info from?
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  3. Teacher
    Wow, you are this forum too.. Hello Chris.
    1. Rye83
      I'm not sure if he is a member or not but this was not posted by him. Just me sharing some blogs about the area.
      Rye83, Nov 14, 2015
  4. Michael. B
    Don't bother to travel here as your budget would be too small.
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    1. Ossie
      Hi Everyone,
      What would be a realistic monthly budget, I was thinking around $1000 to $1500. All bills included.
      How close am i
      Ossie, Jan 10, 2016