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Balinsasayao Twin Lakes

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  • In the mountains of southern Negros Island, 12 km west of the town of Sibulan, Negros Oriental peacefully lie the captivating Lake Balinsasayao and its twin lake, equally breathtaking Lake Danao. One of the major tourist attractions in the province, Lake Balinsasayao is a protected Natural Park, home to an expansive ecosystem and great biodiversity.

    The lakes are two small but deep crater freshwater lakes rising 1000 feet above sea level and separated by a narrow mountain ridge, situated in a hollow between four mountains, Mount Mahungot to the south, Mount Kalbasan to the north, Mount Balinsasayao to the east and Mount Guidabon to the west. Lake Balinsasayao lies to the northwest of the ridge and Lake Danao to the southeast.

    Hours: N/A

    Address: 12 km west of the town of Sibulan, Negros Oriental, Philippines

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  1. DavyL200
    What's also nice the concrete road has nearly been completed all the way up now.
    1. Rye83
      My gf mentioned the road was pretty good most of the way up. Still steep though, last time I went I had to get off of my little 100cc motorcycle so it could make it up a few of the hills. (I weigh more than the bike does itself.....a little exercise wouldn't kill me lol)
      Rye83, Mar 23, 2015
    2. DavyL200
      Especially the last bit up to the resto, even the strada needs 1st gear to get up that bit :smile:
      Did you go into azalea resto on way up? Food is ok with brat views!
      DavyL200, Mar 23, 2015
    3. Rye83
      I have never been in the restaurant. These pictures were taken by my girlfriend. She did go into the restaurant to get some pictures but she packed a lunch so she did not eat there.
      Rye83, Mar 23, 2015