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Edelweiss Pub And Restaurant

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  • Our cozy and at the same time high class Austrian restaurant is open all day, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are up for a more private and intimate dining experience, we can certainly serve all dishes at your apartment or private terrace. There is a large variety of Austrian and international specialties and the whole range of Filipino cuisine awaiting you. A culinary experience you will remember for a long time. At Edelweiss we always strive to bring Dumaguete the best promos and events in town. We bring Dumaguete premiere entertainment from around the world of your favorite sports and events. We also have one of the best all you can eat buffets in Dumaguete. So what are you waiting for, come by and see us today!

    Our restaurant is located just within our Apartment Complex so you can experience a truly authentic Austrian fine-dining experience with just a few steps from our apartments.

    Address: Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines

    Phone: +63 (35) 400 3560

    Website: Edelweiss

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  1. Wildcat
    Can someone tell me the uptodate info on this place and also tell me how to get there? Is it on the main road going to Valencia or is it downtown? I can't remember seeing this anywhere.
  2. Sailor24
    Hi Guys, Note that the Edelweiss is no more. A new guy has leased the place and renamed it the " Pata House " . The menu now features Philippine Cuisine . Some live entertainment will come soon according to the manager.
  3. Nutz2U2
    Sorry Guys,

    Let me be clearer - is Edelweiss C L O S E D ? ?
    1. Jack Peterson
      odd because I have been there lately and they WERE Closed, a Guy outside said they open later
      Jack Peterson, Jun 10, 2015
  4. Nutz2U2
    Hi Guys,

    My "better half" needed some time at SSS and NSO so I was "allowed" to spend some "alone" time.
    My "alone" choice and place was Edelweiss. But could not find it or the sign.
    Now you can not miss the apartments or the Dumaguete Springs sign (spend my 1st visit at the Springs).
    Am I just getting old(er) or ???

    Anyway "alone" time ended up being only 10 minutes - things weren't ready at NSO (no surprise there).

    So did I miss out on the Edelweiss experience ?? Or am I going senile ??
      Jack Peterson likes this.
  5. Jack Peterson
    :sneaky: Started to have an hour to myself there on Big Shopping days at Hyper, The Girls drop me off and I have some chat and a few Beers, maybe grab a bite to eat, all good, service is as good as it is clean, Beer well chilled and plenty of choices. Roll on Shopping Day :thumbsup:
      Wrye83 likes this.
  6. Rye83
    One of the cleanest pubs/restaurants in Dumaguete. Food is good and prices are more than reasonable.
  7. Oz-Roger
    Have not been there for some time, but in the past on many occasions, and the food and service was excellent.:cool:
      Wrye83 likes this.