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La fusion

  • La fusion Guest house a place to make friends here in dumaguete city,relax in a lush tropical garden, just 5 minutes away from downtown and from the beach...and also affordable rates,
    Family good for 3.......1100/night
    Family good for 4.......1300/night
    Dorm type...........300/bed/night
    All rooms is with free breakfast.

    *Free use of the kitchen
    *aircon/fan rooms
    *hot/cold shower
    *drinking water is free and free wifi on every room
    *laundry service,30/kg but if u want to make by yourself its only 20 pesos charge.
    We serve also italian and japanese foods..
    *Chicken nanban
    (breaded chicken breast chops,dipped in nanban sauce,topped by a fresh tartar sauce)
    *Chicken katsu curry
    (Breaded chicken breast with our special beef/vegetable curry sauce)
    *pasta del contadino
    (Fettuccine with a home made bolognese sauce with mixed fresh vegetable)
    *Italian Burger
    (Jumbo burger patty with mozzarella and fresh tomato sauce on top).

    La Fusion opereating hours
    11:30am-9:30 pm
    Monday to Saturday

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  1. Bruce
    Walked past a while back as staying at Royal Suits near by. Yup looks great from the street, very attractive.

    We went in and sat a table, was extremely hot as no wind there. After 15 minutes nobody came near us, the guy working there seemed like a Korean. He maybe had no English as would engage with us, so we left. Oh this was around 7pm.
  2. Sailor24
    Address : #40 Mango Ave. , Piapi
  3. DaveD
    Agree with Pompolino, This place sounds nice and I would like to check it out, but I have no idea where it is or how to locate them or contact them to ask questions/make reservations etc... That info would be very much appreciated.
  4. Pompolino
    Address, contact numbers and photos would help launch your business. Otherwise this Showcase item has no meaning.
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