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Naturally Negros

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  1. Notmyrealname
    "Really worth a visit"
    Pros - Able to support an important cause whilst buying really good quality products sold by very nice people.
    Cons - I only just found out about them!
    Wide range of products (mostly from their own farm); for example: Bacon (Canadian style, British style, Smoked Belly); Sausages (Breakfast, Italian, Spicy Cajun, Sweet Chile); Ham (Smoked, Hock); Marinated smoked pork chops; Ribs; Hormone-free chicken; Seasonal veg; Seasonal Herbs; Pickles; Pate; Sauerkraut; Hen's eggs and quail eggs; mango jam; soap.
    Price examples are: British style bacon 525/kg; Quail eggs 25/dozen.
    This is run for the benefit of hearing-impaired people and the ones I met in the shop are really such nice people.
    They have a stall in Zamboanguita market and a shop outlet in Dumaguete City (located in the Lu Pega Building (opposite the BoI) in Dr V Locsin Street, which is one street along from Lee Plaza when facing the Bacong direction .... UNITOP is in Dr V Locsin Street but on the opposite side of the road to 'Naturally Negros'.) They have a website Naturally Negros - Home