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Visayan Solar Service

  • Visayan Solar Service is a respected - “Design and Install” - Solar Company with offices in Cebu City and Dumaguete City.

    We span over 30 Years of Solar Installations both in the Philippines and Hawaii, with over 5 Megawatts of installed solar.

    We specialize in Commercial installations of Schools, Resorts, Hotels, Malls, and Municipalities.

    Foundation University in Dumaguete has a - savings over 500,000 per month - as one example. Bayawan Municipality chose our company to install 3 systems for their public market area.

    These systems have NO BATTERIES. They are connected to the Utility Grid and “export electricity” to use as a “credit” for nighttime or rainy weather. The return investment is Approx. 4 years with a lifetime production up to 50 years!

    If you are interested in more information please contact us with your questions and concerns.

    Please see our website at www.visayansolarservice.com

    Contact Phone – 09194914041

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Jeff Davis “The Solar Guy”

    Jeff’s solar career spans 30 years, He has opened Visayan Solar Service in 2015.


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