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  • Why Not Disco is the ultimate disco party destination in town. It has a wide variety of entertainment and dining areas for you to enjoy, relax and have fun all night long.

    Le Chalet is a Swiss restaurant that serves a variety of Filipino and international dishes. Le Chalet is a favorite amoung both the local population of Dumaguete and the International traveler alike.

    Chiccos Delicatessen sells processed meats, wines, imported cheeses, chocolates and other imported products. They also serve Swiss, German, Thai and Filipino cuisine.

    The Barn and karaoke bar is home to professional and amateur singers alike. Its wide array of song collections make it the better place. >>>> Let’s meet at the Barn!

    Cyberbox Business Center provides fast internet access, document printing and scanning, encoding, photocopying, fax machine services, local and long distance calls.

    Why Not Travel offers local and international ticket booking, passport and visa processing assistance, tours, real estate advice and ad posting.

    Hours: Open today · 6:00 am – 3:00 am

    Address: Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines

    Phone: +63 35 422 9209

    Website: Why Not

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  1. Andrew
    Popped in here early last night with the family for drinks/food outside and wandered 'out back to check out the local scene. Food was actually pretty good and reasonably priced. Service was friendly and typically .PH slow. It must be salary related? Filipino's in other parts of Asia provide great service - but in .PH? Nope! I guess money is Mr Motivator... So, 7/10 for food/portions - 5/10 service (i'm feeling generous today).

    Anyway, main inside bar smelly and way too dark for my liking. Girls greeted me with big warm smiles (until they spotted my wife, sister & Yaya wandering in behind me that is). Talk about a 'change of face'. Funny:smile: I'm sure to have some good future times here with the Mrs and have already preempted the wife with other DI member's info regarding the catty nature of the resident 'story tellers'.:stop: (Scout's Moto: Be Prepared!)