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    I used to use a helper to do laundry for 3 years. She did a good job. The draw backs were that she did the laundry once a week, and it took her full four hour part time day. Now I use a laundry service. They wash, dry, and fold, sometimes it looks like they iron too. They also put the fabric cleaner in the wash. My shirts are not dried outside in the sun, so they are not stiff like boards. When you look at the costs, including buying fabric softener,soap and bleach plus labor for home washes the cost is about the same. The big advantage is that you do not have to wait for wash day to come up every week, as you can take in a load of wash when ever you want. Actually I found this to works better than having a helper do the laundry for me. Of coarse you know no GF will let anyone touch their wash other than herself :o o:... none of the mechanical wash/dryer stuff for them... lol.
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    Took me around 6 months to persuade the wife to get a machine,I'm sure they actually enjoy sitting there for hours on end scrubbing,it seems part of their culture. Anyway it wasted way too much time and water so now in the machine and 90 mins it's done,and drying here is 30 mins max outside.
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    How many people are in your family that this helper will need to be cleaning up after and doing laundry for? Those hours seem a bit long for a part time helper with just those two tasks. You could probably get away with only having a helper come in 2-3 times a week for a couple hours minimum or half days at the maximum. However, I have found that full time helpers tend to be willing to work for less than part-time helpers due to the free room and board. You also might find that the hours are of little importance to many helpers; most are expecting to get paid by the day or have a monthly salary and not be paid by the hour (which is still a completely foreign concept in the PI).

    You might get more interest in the position if you give an idea of what you are willing to pay for the work and what barangay/area you are living in.

    I can throw this on the DI FB page and keep you updated if you provide a bit more information.

    I currently have a young lady that comes to clean/do laundry and she really only needs to come be here twice a week and laundry once a week. On cleaning only days she is working about 2 hours. Laundry days take about half the day (I bring them inside when they are dry....or, if I'm feeling lazy, leave them outside until her next cleaning day. lol).
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