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    You may want to introduce yourself on the new members section, so the members know enough about you so they can help you in your search. Where you are moving from is important because it will frame you expectations. Seem like you have done some research already by the questions you have asked. That is a good start, you first two question focus on the major problems here.

    I will start with question #1. Electricity 24/7, I read somewhere that Dumaguete is the city of Brownout? Is this true?
    Yes, very true if you want 24/7 electricity do not move to the Philippines. One time when I had a brownout in a house I just moved to, my landlady came by shortly after the power went out. I told her with a troubled look :o o:: "I have no electricity", her answer was not calming me. She replied: "How many days?" :banghead: :banghead:That was not the reply I was expecting, and foretold my future electrical problems.

    The reality is there are brown outs here, on a somewhat regular basis. The farther you get away from a City Center the longer they seem to last. You learn to live with them. You may want to rent a place with generator, so you do not have major electrical issues. You do not say where you are moving from, but you may want to take some electrical precautions regarding the power: 1) if you are bring 110 V appliances then you may want to buy/bring red electrical tape to wrap around the sockets so you do not accidentally plug them into the 220 V standard here. 2) you may want to bring/buy here an automatic voltage regulator, because you can use your 110 V appliances and also protect your most valuable appliance because the electrical supplied here is not a constant voltage. a continuous low voltage will diminish the life of an appliance almost as much as a power surge. 3) Bring some surge protectors for some of you sensitive equipment. Electronic equipment does not react nicely to power surges when the brown out end or electrical storms (Lightening) .

    Constant Internet is another problem. The service varies on location and provider. There are few members on the forum that make their living off the internet so they can advise you better than I. Before moving in I would suggest you ask those in the immediate vicinity how their internet works here. Do not anticipate a trouble free internet service.There are really only two service provides here and the seem to screw us pretty consistently with a smirk on the faces: (You welcome sir") Most times when the power goes off, then the internet goes off too... so you have a double wamy many times.

    It would be easy to make suggestions on your rental search if you gave more information: What is affordable to you? (there are places of live from 10,000 P to 30,000 P a month available, knowing you budget range will speed up the process.) Type of rental: Apartment, single family, compound group? How many bedrooms? Amenties: Pool, covered parking area, enclosed yard. What you want to be close by: downtown, resto-bars, beaches, mountain/natural areas and how long you plan to stay. There are a few "transitional rentals" that are short term and supply you with everything you need down to silverware, which make moving in easy, of coarse they are a little more expensive (I know one studio that even includes a motorcycle but cost 30,000 P a month). The more information you give about what you want the faster and easier it will be for everyone. I am sure you will find a few here willing to help. Good Luck :smile:
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    Here is how you deal with all the problems you are concerned with:
    1. Don't come here a broke bottom or live paycheck-to-paycheck. You need to have AT LEAST 1 year worth of living expenses saved up (12-50k USD depending on your expected living standards) and an additional 25-100k USD (depending on your age/medical condition) for emergency situations. (I personally won't have less than 30k USD for a year of living and 150k USD in savings for emergency situations...and I'm 33 with no medical conditions.)
    2. Buy several UPS (uninterrupted power supplies).
    3. Buy a generator that powers up automatically when the power shuts off. (100k+ pesos add 20k pesos a year for maintenance and fuel)
    4. Buy a business internet plan from an ISP (3-5k+ pesos/month)
    All the ISPs here have generators and continue to provide internet even during brownouts. During the brownouts it is on you to power your house. An expensive generator and several UPS will solve that issue.

    If you can't do these things you very well could end up being one of those loser foreigners that has to borrow money that they never plans on paying it back just to survive (and there are a WHOLE lot of them in the Philippines). Don't come here thinking you are going to be Mr. "Big Money" or even that life is cheaper here. It is not, the same standard of living in the US will cost you double in the Philippines. If you choose to live it up you will not be doing that for long unless you have a lucrative profession or substantial savings account. You will not make poo for money working in the Philippines and you will end up going broke if you come without the proper financial backing (or a generous pension).

    In the Philippines you need to prepare for failure to be able to succeed.
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  3. Topcat72m

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    Dont do it.

    Seriously. Dont make a decision based on something you read or see in the Internet.

    Go have a look. Then look a few other places. After that if you still want to do it then go ahead.

    Look before you leap.
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    If you need "reliable" electricity and aren't going to be at a place with a generator, then Dumaguete, or surrounding areas might not be a wise choice. Even with a generator, if your internet provider has no power, your generator may be of no use for your internet needs. Quiet....that could be another quandary. Depends on how much karaoke is going on or if your neighbors have farm animals. Another consideration....noise pollution from scooters and pedi-cabs. I highly recommend a lot of research of any particular area if noise and reliable electricity are serious concerns.
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    I live in the northern part of Dumaguete at KimJoCell apartments (townhouses). It's on Google Maps. Electricity is iffy here. Many days it goes out for 30-45 minutes (switching some equipment). Maybe once or twice a month, it's off all day, on a weekend. I have Globe DSL and am paying for 7 Mbps down. Unfortunately everything I care about is outside of the Philippines, so having a fast connection to Cebu and a slow connection to the rest of the world isn't my cup of tea. During the daytime (7 am to perhaps 10 pm), I get speeds around 40 kbps down. Water is another problem. There's no water pressure from about 10 pm to 5 am. Most of the day, there's no water pressure to use the restroom on the 2nd floor of the townhouse.

    If you're truly interested in having reliable electricity, water and good internet, you might need a different place than Dumaguete. I, for one, will be moving back to Cebu this weekend.
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