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    Hi All

    If anyone has any issues with bees and want them collected from your place, feel free to PM me and we will do our best to come and get them out for you, no charge.

    Please do not kill them, the world bee population is declining rapidly due to poisons, we will give them a good home ..

    Something a little unique that you might encounter is a very small bee .. these are usually stingless and will not hurt you at all, and if they are not destroying anything, you can leave them alone and watch their activities, their honey is absolutely delicious , if you have a hive and decide to keep it, I will point you to some material on line that will help you ..

    If anyone wants any help or advice on Bees and Bee removal, please free free to PM me here or drop an email to pangitpilot@gmail.com. Photos of the location, and a closeup of the bee in question will help a lot, especially if we have to travel a long way ..

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