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    Yeah, that is the
    Yeah, that is a real problem, the equipment is expensive and like vehicles, it is priced mostly on the international market while the buyer is local. That is why you don't see a lot of good gyms around. The number of members you need to be profitable is also daunting. There are some Filipino manufacturers that make exercise equipment, they are cheaper, but I don't know how much the shipping costs would be, maybe there are some in Cebu. For some things, squat racks, benches, etc. you can get them made pretty cheaply but other things only make sense to buy. So going the "Gold's Gym" route is not going to work out. My wife is a Physical Therapist, we have built several gyms for the clinics she has worked in, and it is expensive

    There are a few options I think will work, one is a minimalist, old school or Crossfit type of gym, this is barbells, dumbbells, pull up stations, mats and some sandbags and old tires, this has become popular in the US again. The other is a Ladies Gym, mostly classes with a few pieces of equipment. My sister-in-law did this in Cavite, she just made a small place for the neighborhood and did pretty well. It was a niche that wasn't being met and I would have like to have seen her expand the same thing to other neighborhoods, but she decided Dubai was a better option.
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