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    Hello fellow forumers!

    Just signed up to be able to participate a bit socially both online and perhaps in person too

    I am a Norwegian with a Filipina currently in Tagaytay, heading towards you guys in about 3 weeks time. We are in our early forties and thirties.

    I have been traveling to Asia for about 20 years, mostly Thailand as I do love the Buddhist mentality, food is great and infrastructure is pretty good. Just recently started coming to PHL and hope to be able to stay here for longer periods of time.

    Trying to familiarise myself with prices and culture, did my first visa extension few days ago too. Looking forward to read up on topics in here

    I rented for our first month through Airbnb to know we had a decent place to arrive to, looking to find something else for long term that is priced accordingly. Been searching online to see what I find, seems to be little to choose from so I guess word of mouth is the best way to go.

    If anyone has any suggestions for a rental unit, either condo or house in the price range 10 to 20, I would be happy to have a look at it.
    As a westerner I appreciate:
    Open spaces
    Fresh feeling
    Stable internet connection
    Safety and quiet premises

    When actually traveling from cold country to warm country, being able to be outside is a obvious wish

    Will get the ACR card so I can get local driving license and a motorcycle on next visa extension.

    Well, hope I didn't bore you with all my writing and look forward to read up on the forum
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