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    Hi, This was my experience donating 0+ blood at Silliman on September 24: The lab did not want to draw my blood because I was outside of the age range of 16 to 60. I am age 64. The surgeon who requsted the bood for a friend's operation said I could donate as long as I was under age 65. I was able to go to the Out Patient Department (OPD) to see the doctor on duty to get an exam to prove that I was healthy. The exam consisted of a blood pressure measurment, taking my temperature, and the doctor listening to my heart beat. I paid P500 for the exam and P100 for supplies. When I returned to the blood lab, I was told that they found blood for the patient I was donating for. Since I already paid for the exam, I insisted they collect my blood so it could go to someone else. The lab finally agreed to draw my blood. The blood lab and OPD are open 24/7.
    I also became aware of a friend who bought a Unit of A+ blood at Silliman that was donated for a patient that did not need it. The cost was P1500. I do not know the exact date it was collected, but it was before September 19. The Unit of blood had an expiration date of October 11. The friend did not need it, and was able to sell it to a patient that did need it for the same P1500.
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