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  1. Notmyrealname

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    I note a few more replies to comments that IMO are a bit too unnecessarily severe - can we not just be civil to each other in this time of crisis, when everyone's life has suddenly changed, their daily routines have been upended and people are under stress,

    By all means, correct false and dangerous information or advice, debate favourite topics - but can't we all try to do it in the most positive way, rather than succumb to the negative.

    99.99% of people on the Forum are nice people - it may even be 100% now that ON has gone (sorry to break my own rule but he was rather nasty), so can we accept that everyone is trying to help everyone else and just be pleasant.

    And, no, this is not an April Fools' joke.
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  2. ChMacQueen

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    Debate and controversy are healthy as are even opposing opinions that lead to healthy debate. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion (as long as you bums accept mine is whats right! jk) but hopefully such is based on data and evidence of some sort. If someone thinks something is wrong or extreme I'd personally encourage to discuss and debate it in a healthy way because this is how we all learn and grow. People should never just STFU and accept things they are told or forced upon them whether from your perspective they may be in the right or maybe in the wrong.

    However that said we should NOT go to simply name calling and attacking people personally. Attack their opinions is even fine as long as evidence and data is used and done respectively in a healthy debate. But try and not make things personal putting someone down because they disagree with you or you disagree with them.

    Lastly the real fools are those who make baseless attack claims yet refuse to provide evidence and argument on why as well as respectively allow reverse debate. Don't be one of those fools as those are the ones who are the real waste of space.
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