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    English being not my mother tongue, please accept my apologies in advance :smile:
    Have heard about this forum when I was in Dumaguete in 2016, it was not my first time in the Phils and I'm looking forward to come back asap for holiday, and for retirement in a relatively near future.
    It's now about 2-3 years that I've used to read this forum, makes me feel a bit like in holiday and reminds me of the good times here.
    I've decided to join as member so at least I can put some emoji as "ratings", see pics in full screen (especially the beautiful ones from "Dr Ski") and eventually put my 2 centavos !
    Also in this special covid times, I've learned a lot of things concerning this virus by reading this forum (special thanks to "it's not my real name").
    Oh! one last thing (finally !) ; I love to ride motorbike (especially 2 stroke, hence my nickname)... I like to ride on my own or with one or two friends max...so I'm not a big fan of MC Clubs...just saying :2rofl::2rofl:
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