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    "Fake news" is a crime in the Philippines. I don't care that it is commonly used to imply something else. Questioning, claiming or implying someone is posting "fake news" when it has not been posted with the intent of intentionally spreading misinformation will result in an immediate ban when I see it, temporary at first (with varying lengths depending on the severity and context the words were used in), permanent if it continues to happen. I wish the orange clown in the US had never used the words and emboldened other leaders to criminalize free speech but this is the world we live in now.

    There is a right way and a wrong way to say you think information is incorrect or wrong. Saying "fake news" in the Philippines means "this information was posted with the criminal intent of purposely spreading false information to confuse people or spread propaganda". If this is not what you meant to say then don't use the words "fake news".

    With that being said I know that Mikal didn't use it in the legal context and was questioning if the information was accurate and current. The ban shouldn't be the standard full month for a temporary ban. I will lift it but everyone should please keep in mind the above two paragraphs. I don't really enjoy being a broken record and when I see those two words continuously being used it gets a bit irritating.
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    I don't own this site nor moderate the Forum, so this is probably not my business. However I have a sense of fairness (not really a good thing to have in this senseless world) and note that in a thread (which I cannot find now) Mikal used the word 'false' in relation to the IMMEDIATE introduction of a new quarantine pass system by Gov. Delgamo. For that he appears to have been banned.

    Depending on how the word 'false' is used or the interpretation of the context in which it was used, he may have 'broken the rules' but in fact the information he commented on was 'inaccurate' at that time. The EO was NOT introduced with "immediate effect" on 5th May.

    This was NOT in any way the fault of the original poster as he supplied that information in good faith (if it was @DavyL200 then his expertise is to inform members of legislation before most of us have a clue). It seems someone in the Governor's office jumped the gun.

    Mikal has made some excellent contributions in his postings and is no way an ON type (you will remember him!).

    Perhaps his ban could be reconsidered if the moderators wish to do so. Or I could volunteer to take his place in the best spirit of 'Spartacus' (hmmm .... although I recall that didn't work out too well).
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