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    There are at least 3 separate entities involved in getting power to your rice cooker. The power generation group, the transmission group and the distribution group (Noreco). This has been explained ad nauseum.
    Some people just don't understand how power gets to their house. It could be willful ignorance or they are thick as a brick.
    It gets tiring hearing about other countries seldom having brown outs. In other countries there are usually multiple sources for power. When one source is being serviced the feed can come from elsewhere.
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    Like it or not, that's the way it is. Living in the Phils since 2007 and, although improvements, brown outs still occurs. Well a 5-10 min power cut will not really bother me unless online busy with something and have to do it again. A one hour power cut allow you to do things without the need of power you can still perform. It's take it or leave it and your own generator is the solution, which I don't have so still living with but after a deep breath, who cares.
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    Not Noreco, why not read what has been said on FB instead of starting the new year with your usual crap negativity, For your information;

    Advisory from NGCP
    Power fully restored in parts of Negros Oriental at 4:13PM today, January 1.
    Affected: NORECO II (Pulantubig, Bagacay, Dauin and Siaton substations)
    Restored facility: 69kV Amlan-Siaton line.
    Reason: Felled bamboo tree between structures in Brgy. Brgy. Banilad, Dumaguete.
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