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  1. Edward K

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    Partner and I retired here 5 yrs ago. Came here a year early and spent a month exploring in 2015. I have SRRV (deposit required cut by 85% with a DD214), over 50, which you probably are if you joined navy in '80. Got rid of 90% of our crap back there, don't miss any of it. KEEP the kitchen utensils. Don't store nuttin, donate, sell, garage sale, even if you don't stay, no point in hauling around, suits, sport coats, ties, unnecessary, get a polo barong... Kept our financial program back there, move money here to dollar account by wire, many different ways (we do USAA). Shift to peso account when needed or when good exchange... Easier that way, more liquidity back there, funds direct deposit there. DO estimate expenses, probably 1/2 to 1/3 of Long Beach, certainly better than bay area, which we fled. You can estimate during ur exploratory month (do not skip this, essential).

    Health Insurance important, i was government, so have Fed program, like gold. Only for big emergencies, doctor appointments are $10 USD. Ended up buying cheap lot up the mountain, building small house. You could lease land and own a house, WAIT a few years, we've been renting for 5.. Make sure you have good lawyers here, we have two, one is a bull dog to scare anybody that wants to scam you. Local folks are wonderful people and friends. And, about Dumaguete, never criticize, cuz EVERYONE you meet is either a cousin of, related somehow, does business with, or went to school with, everyone else. Constantly blowing our minds, never lived in this small a town..

    If any of the following drive you nuts, the place will make you cranky, just smile and deal with it or go elsewhere <grin>.
    "sorry sir, out of stock." They will never say, "we don't carry it."
    slightly nutty and slow drivers, traffic's a b*tch and not getting better. No such thing as "driver's ed."
    somewhat lack of attention to detail by workers.
    If they doesn't know the answer to your question, they might make something up.
    People do NOT like to confront an uncomfortable situation, will ignore the problem until it goes away or blows up.
    Cursing actually makes people uncomfortable. Great respect for elders, no such thing as "retirement home," have seen many 20 and 30 yr olds give grandma "mano." "Lola and Lolo" are very important.

    I'm not concerned with vaccination, even at 77, although i wish we had it. 95% people wear masks, active cases less than 200 in a one million population, if you believe the government. We'll get the shot eventually. I'd rather be here without a vaccine than in looney land back there trying to get an appointment. Those people are crazy.....
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    Thanks! I am hoping the SRRV is available again soon (heard they will be reinstating it). Lol, it is good to know the people really haven't changed since the 90s when I was last there. I can deal with the mellow and inefficient better than I can deal with the LA "I want it and I want it now!" childish attitude. I may retire a year early, as I will have much more than enough 401k money to live on for a year and still have signifigant savings once the pensions and railroad retirement kick in. We shall see. Can't wait to leave this materialistic and frantic country for sure.
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    I don't know.
    Im possibly about 2 years ahead of you, dam Covid. Subject to travel I think I'm 6 - 9 months away.

    What I can say is when it gets closer you have a fair bit to do and consider. So 3 years out is a good start.

    I been selling off stuff and the house went on the market last week.
    Meetings with accountant looking at tax obligations.
    Meeting with financial advisors, how will I support my family.
    Discussions with others on how much money will be needed per month. I have estimated 130 - 160k
    Emails with schools
    Wifes citizenship and Passport.
    Having a back up plan if Duma or even Philippines isnt the right place.
    Getting the Vax done in your home country.
    Health Insurance.

    Good luck, will be following.
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  4. cabb

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    I'm in a similar situation and also live in SoCal. I have purchased a house, but would suggest against that. My recommendation is to visit, explore and have fun to figure out where in the Dumaguete area you might want to live prior to your move. In addition, verify it's the right place for you, different people have different expectations. Visiting a place for 2 weeks is different than spending a year there. In many ways it's not so much different from what you would do if your were moving from CA to TX, just more complicated. If you are married to a Filipina with dual citizenship things are easier from a visa perspective. You'll need to figure out your finances and how you move money around. What do you take, what do you store and what do you get rid of? If you take a lot, how do you move it? Medical is another thing that changes quite a bit and there is no Medicare. No idea on Tricare, which you qualify for. I don't know how much time you have spent there, but rent for at least 6 months to a year before making any significant investments. Do your homework. Read this forum. Good luck!
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    Your age, marital status, health, and visa type would allow for a better avenue to drop advice to you. As a blanket comment, I would advise anyone living in the West to get the heck out of Dodge ASAP. aND IT REALLY IS moooooooR FUN in THE Philippines.

    Added note; Set up easy routes and more than one to transfer monies efficiently.
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