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  1. DAVE1952

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    I don't know.
    I must correct you here, firstly if you met a man from Glasgow, Ye widnae understaund wan word he said, it is more likely he was a white settler claiming to be Scottish (an Englishman who resides in Scotland) As for humour Glaswegians are perhaps the funniest people in the world, we have our Billy Connolly as testimony to that, it is much more likely he was just making fun of you, if he really was a true Scot.

    Now men in dresses, I guess you know it is called a Kilt? if ever you were to see the actions of these men in the Highland Games, you would have a bit more respect for them, just for fun they throw a 300lb Telegraph Pole, can chuck a 56lb hammer for 100yds, when it comes to running they race up and down a mountain, the Olympic games is not for them that is for fairies.

    Education in Scotland was and perhaps still is the best in the world? for a small population of just over 5 million we have created, invented and discovered so many things, John Logie Baird TV, Alexander Bell Telephones, Alexander Fleming Antibiotics, James Bond another Scotsman, this list can go on and on and on.

    One more thing that is not known to most Yanks is; before the War of Independence the British sent all their convicts and undesirables to both US and Canada, who helped to win that War a Scotsman John Paul Jones, The father of the American Navy.

    Hoots Mon, Ye kin pit a' that in yer Pipe and Smoke it.
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  2. Mike_Haddon

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    Thanks. Born in Scotland, but I do not see any flag for that.
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  3. OzeMike

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    Welcome Mike.

    You will find this forum extremely helpful living here.

    What country are you from if not the Netherlands? I'm from England via Australia.

    All the best

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