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    - Ate there the 1st time today and ordered a Soup bowl filled with (Lami)< which was the name of the item. Besides that I ordered the Chicken Skewers. When the 2 orders came I removed the skewers and tossed all the Chicken and Vegetables from the Skewers into the (Lami bowl) and I have often done such things as to combine orders. Anyways.....It was FANTASTIC!!!! Basically the best (Chunky Chicken Noddle Vegetable, Soup) I have ever enjoyed . The texture of the (Lami) was like a sweet and sour soup, but with out the sweet and sour. BBQ Chicken from the skewers along with some onions and mushrooms really brought it all together. Can't wait to have it again and the Wife loved it as well. I (besides an early Military career) was a Banquet and Beverage Captain for 18 years. It has allowed me to combine some of the Worlds best foods working in either Convention Centers or Luxury Hotels. Hope someone out there tries this combination and goes away with the satisfaction the Wife and I left with. So Kudo's out to Gerry's @welldeserved

    The Lami order has a couple Prawns in it, just to know if you do have allergies to Sea-Foods.
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