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    I was told (don’t know if true) that all doctors and health care workers here got the Sinovac jabs early on because initially that was all that was available. I took Sinovac because it was my only choice and I am high risk. My position is I believe it is way to early to tell if those of us, Sinovac grads, will be ok a year from now. I view it as a risk/reward gamble.
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    Many of us haven't really made up our minds on getting vaccinated or not and need to find out more on what's available. This not only applies to covid or information obtained from your local City Hall but the telephone numbers for your barangay and city health unit.

    One thing that got me thinking was this Mississippi public service announcement.

    To view the video you need to be logged in to facebook and unmute the sound.


    The Governors office or your local police can give you the City Hall number.

    The City Hall can give you the Barangay Hall number and the RHU telephone number for all that pertain to covid, ie kinds of vaccines available if you are looking for a particular one, sign you up and give you the vaccination locations. If the brand you are waiting is not here they will call, SMS or email you.

    Those 60 or older with conditions require no paperwork other than a photo ID. Those assisting you are eligible to be vaccinated also.

    Hopes this answers questions for those hesitant like me.

    Sibulan City Hall 523 6004
    RHU for Sibulan 419 7220
    Maslog Barangay Hall 09350894168

    I can't always read my own writing so you can check them with the Sibulan City Hall.

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    Hopefully there will be a booster available in 6 months
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