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    I don't know.
    John I would suggest my monthly expenses to be between £600 to £750 a month, this is for a family of 4 living a fairly modest but reasonable lifestyle without extreme penny pinching, living in a small practical insulated house keeps our Electric bill low to around £30 month but I would hazard a guess to say the average there will be closer to £90, last year there was a guy on DI bleating that his bill was rising to P13K that is £200, Btw he was a builder? I go to the Bar 3 times a week so my weekly bill will be around £20 and perhaps another £10 for the beers I have at home, we have a fairly small car 1.5ltr engine and that will use about £30 a month in fuel, so the fuel for both myself and the car is around £150, we never eat out all that often, likely it is less than half the price of UK, but mostly this can be a bad experience there in my view, as the standard of service is poor? There are a few better places to eat especially in the City which are almost to western standards and there you can expect to pay around 40% less than the equivalent meal in UK.

    If I had my family over here in UK I could feed the 4 of us on fairly nutritious meals for around £100 a week, all in my household expenses are £600 a month, this being mostly council tax and energy costs, I now make my own home brew and a months supply of 10gall cost me £25 perhaps another £75 on fuel for the car so in total that would be £1,100 a month add another £100 and we could have a couple of meals out together in a family friendly place. Now here is the Kicker our two boys can benefit from getting a Scottish Education free of charge, the get that in PH they would have to go to a high end private school and this would cost £200 each per month. There is a lot more things to see and do here at quite low cost for a family.

    To sum up on this I would Guesstimate to support a family of 4 here in UK with two children is 35 to40% more expensive that it would be in PH, but the benefits it has to the children such as free healthcare including dental and education far outweighs the higher cost.
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